Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun Fun Fun!

Halinka in Booty Bay.

Pirate's Day has come and gone.  I ran the Theramore scenario on Halinka after I did the Horde version with Delgadita, which turned out to be the right order to do them in, story wise.  Still working my way through the audio version of The Tides of War, so I haven't found out the why's and wherefore's of the attack.  Still, the Horde gift for doing the scenario is tacky, and as suggested in the letter, definitely in bad taste.  I love the Alliance gift, and it a nice tribute to what happened, and looks great with Halinka's transmog set.  I am thinking about making another that is pirate themed tough, because, come on! 

If you haven't quested in Stranglethorn since the Cataclysm hit and don't like spoilers, skip the next 2 paragraphs.

After, I sent Delgadita on a quest to finish up the baby lashtail quests in Stranglethorn Vale.  Most of the quests are a breeze, go kill that and collect that, have your baby find these, feed your baby, etc.  Then, you combine all your fun bones and skulls into the pot at Grom'gol, and out pops Blood Lord Mandokir and takes your baby away.  Big meanie!  So, the good ol' boys in Grom'gol send you to Bambala to talk to a princess, who has you gather more things in order to find your baby, and then help it escape from Zul'Gurub.   She hands you the hardest quest (unless you go to WoWhead and read the comments) to go into Zul'Gurub and mind control your baby out of there.  The raptors in there teach you different skills that help your raptor get past guards.  I was ok with dash, and ok with lighting tikis on fire, but dropping a skull for the troll to trip on?  I didn't have the rhythmn down.  After an evening of annoying my husband with growling at the computer screen, I left it and came back to it the next evening.  After reading the comments on WoWhead, it took me two tries, and my baby was stopped at the exit by a baddy, who said she would never escape, and they would deal with me later, should I ever come back. 

 Having finished the quest, I queued up to run Zul'Gurub to win my baby back.  Who cares if she was to be Ohgan's successor, Oghan'aka?  She deserved a nicer life than that jerk Mandokir could give her!  I got in with a pretty unsure group, and we wandered around killing almost all the things.  I was always running behind, because it's Zul'Gurub, my favorite raid instance ever, and there is so much to see!  We defeated Mandokir and I got my baby back, then we went on to defeat other bosses and mini bosses.  We didn't get too far when I had to go, because it was Laid Back Raiding night!  

We won!  Uhhh, but we're mostly dead...
Lots of fun was had by all.  A wonderful person explained the fight, and we went on to demolish the only boss left in this raid.  I got my achievement, and another one for not letting spirits blow up, and a title, and then I was stuck at the top.  Where is the portal, elevator, ladder, wind current, wings, anything to get back to the bottom?  I, like the silly person I am, jumped off and promptly died.  It got me where I wanted to be though, so I guess it wasn't so bad.  

After that we did a few guild runs on WOTLK content to get some achievements for the guild and some experience.  Everyone except possibly me has been working hard to get the guild leveled, and today they hit 19!  Not bad for a small close knit group of friends.  Four more and we can do ten mans.  Not sure how wise an idea that is.  Excito Toxins is an achievement, daily, and dungeon running guild with lots of alts.  I let people die in Ahn'Kahet.  At 85.  With really good gear.  I'm a fail priest. I really think we won;t be doing raiding except in the lfg for a long time...

Well, it's been a fun week.  I'm looking forward to the delivery truck driving up to my house with my MoP expansion in the next few days.  I may not be right on time, but I'll get there.  Fashionably late?  Have a great time until I get there!  

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