Saturday, April 10, 2010


I have been busy trying to get Loremaster on Delgada. I could use that as my excuse for not posting, but to be honest, real life has been keeping me busy. My kids and step-kids are home for spring break, my father-in-law is in town, my cat is pregnant (again!), and the laundry is trying to take over more than the laundry room.

Last night, I twiddled around Blade's Edge, roping a few guildies in on my quest to summon a guardian of Simon (I love the mini game there!) while I hared off to do the bombing quest (which is my least favorite quest...skyguards and bombing...). I'm wondering if I can summon the guardian alone. It was rather easy with the four of us, smart and paying attention, hitting the buttons, and the kill was faster. I let them out of helping me with my other quests. I was having one of those nights where, even with a goal, "Oh, look, a shiny!" would throw me off for minutes. Even so badly impaired, Delgada managed to get her Loremaster of Outland achievement, finally finishing most of the quests in Blades Edge Mountains and getting the achievement for that, too.

Wednesday Delgada brought Thrall to Nagrand to visit his grandmother,and finished her list of quests out there.   Before that, we had another case of the shinies, tracking down books for the Well Read achievement.  I think we only have these to track down:

  • *The Betrayer Ascendant - 66.76 Darnassus City
  • *The Lich King Triumphant - Only found within Scholomance and Stratholme
  • *Old Hatreds - The Colonization of Kalimdor - 51.29 Tanaris and within Scholomance
  • *The Invasion of Draenor - Only found within Scholomance
  • *The Seven Kingdoms - Only found within Scholomance and Stratholme
Oh, if you're trying to track these down as well, the link to the achievement on WoWhead above has a list with locations in the comment section.

After finishing Outland last night, Delgada is left with the rest of Icecrown and 50 quests in Azeroth to become Loremaster.  She also wants that silly knuckle sandwich achievement and the other one with the weapon skills.  Who knows how long that will take? That last point in daggers and staves is just hanging there, taunting me.

I know a lot of you out there have ground out the Loremaster achievements.  If you have any suggestions for tracking down those last quests, I'd love to hear them.  I dreamt last night that I kept getting quest drop items.  If only!


Shadowspawned said...

I was stuck in Blade's Edge forever it seemed while trying to get Loremaster. I finally finished up all the quests in Blade's Edge and got teh title. Congrats on a long hard road. (I think we should get a drake for finishing Loremaster instead of the Holiday achievements)

Shawndra said...

Yeah Blade's Edge was my last zone because I forgot where I left off, then found out I could talk to Wildlord Antelarian to continue the fel gas mask quest. That fixed me right up!

I like that it comes with a tabard. Drakes are so much cooler, since they don't take any inventory space!

Jaedia said...

On Well Read: you don't have to go to enemy cities to get any of them, they'll always be somewhere else too, have a browse on wowhead and you'll find other locations ^^

On Loremaster, well it depends. I went through every zone, checking Horde quest givers in every zone on Wowhead and managed to finish it that way. There are a couple by Faldir's Cove in the Highlands, not to mention Fallen Hero of the Horde in Swamp/Blasted Lands if you've missed either of those.