Friday, April 23, 2010

iPod Gaming and Open Feint

If you haven't heard of Open Feint, it is a social network and ranking system that groups all sorts of casual games from all kinds of different developers together.  The best way to find them would be to either install the main Open Feint application or use the embedded system within one of the games you already own.  Here is a list of fun games I am using on a regular basis that use this system.

  • Word Warp Xtreme - an updated version of Word Warp, this free game jumbles a word of 7 letters and gives you a set time to find as many words as you can within those letters.
  • Bird Strike - This game may still be free on the App Store, as it was a free game of the day and a recommended Open Feint download recently.  This game uses the accelerometer to guide a bird you shoot from a slingshot through the air, missing obstacles and collecting rockets to zoom to incredible heights. Silly fun, my kids like it better than I do.  
  • Ms. Chuck - is a ball that you guide through an obstacle course.  I keep this on my iPod mostly for my toddler, but it can get pretty challenging in higher levels.
  • Radio Flare - I downloaded this game a long while ago, and it is still one of my favorites.  Using the accelerometer, guide your ship around obstacles while gathering flares. It has a great soundtrack, too.
  • Piyo Blocks - This is my guilty pleasure.  It's a match three game where the blocks are chirpy little square birds. You can play against the timer or without one.
  • Dunnit - Wait, this isn't a game, or is it?  I recently unlocked the achievement, "Better Late Than Never" for completing 5 tasks a day late. Silly me, this is a to-do list that is really easy to use (and it's free!).  With the added incentive of experience points and achievements, I am getting more household chores done lately.
This is a short list, I understand.  I plan on finding more games to add to my collection soon. For me, games have to be entertaining for more than 5 seconds and be free.  Tough standards, I know.  If someone wants to fund my gaming habit, they can send me an iTunes card!

Another nice thing about this system is that it integrates with Facebook and Twitter, finding friends that are using it and automatically adding them to your friends list. For instance, I have Leo Laporte and Darryl the Tip Giver on my list, thanks to my Twitter feed.  Yes, and my hubby, too.  But not many of you follow @theholyfallout (he's the strong, silent type).  The fun of this is, you can see what  they are playing, if they are online, you can chat with them (I haven't tried this yet) through an instant messenger embedded in the Open Feint dashboard.

So, point of this post?  LFM for my friends list!  If you own an iPod or iPhone and enjoy twiddling your time away between more important things like loads of laundry or random dungeons, follow me on Twitter and download an Open Feint application, and start browsing. I will happily let you step on me as you climb the ladder past my low user rating!  You can find me on Twitter as @Shawndra or on Facebook under the e-mail address Jeni at pamedia dot com.

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