Thursday, April 22, 2010

Farming For Old School Glory

I remember years ago, before Burning Crusade was launched, a guildie used to farm the templars and lords out in Silithus for gear.  I think I went with him on Shawndra a couple of times, just for kicks.  In our casual, raid when we feel like it guild, he seemed an overachiever of immense proportions.  He doesn't play anymore, sad to say, but I still remember the fun out in Silithus, mowing down cultists to farm for outfits (he already had farmed endless hours alone for the signets and scepters).

With that memory of group fun, I set to my task of farming for quests in Silithus. The cultists fell faster than they respawned for me, filling my bags with cloth and robes, but seldom yielding the mantle or cowl needed to use the lesser wind stones.  Still, I slogged away, Delgada  tossing Shadow Word: Pain around like confetti.

It took 4 long sessions for her.  Abyssal crests turned into medallions of station, abyssal signets turned into a scepter, and more robes were funneled along with mountains of cloth and other random bits to Rowena to hopefully sell. I am still working on getting the third piece of the An'Qiraj quest set, because the set bonus rocks!  I may never use them again, but I can say I earned them, and that is all that matters, right?

Del still has roughly 40 quests left to finish out Kalimdor. I have lost interest in the grind to Loremaster, but I'm still working on it, in between gearing up Carlotta and twiddling with any of my gazillion alts.I want to finish the achievement, more because she is the character I play the most, and she feels incomplete.  Would I have been trying for this if achievements had never come to be?  I would probably never know what I was missing, but would want to try and find as many quests as I could find on my own.

I haven't been playing as much lately, due to a cold that is threatening to become the annual bout of walking pneumonia.  Wizard 101 has been commanding a little more attention, trying to get Rowan Trollstalker out of Krokotopia so she can bribe her way into Marleybone.  I am fast running out of crowns to open up new areas.  I think I have run out of areas to unlock in Krokotopia, though, so my meager stash of crowns might get me through the portal to Marleybone.  Might.  Darn 7-11 is out of game cards.

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