Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who? What? Where? Why? How?

Who - I found out a girlfriend from my high school days plays WoW, and went to Blizzcon.

What - Of course, if you have real live friends to play with, you want to play on the same server.

Where - Bladefist server, Alliance side.

Why - Because I really wanted to hang out with my one of my first online and offline friends. We used to chat on those old Bulletin Board Systems. Play text games. Anyone who ever logged into a MajorBBS system will probably remember dropping gems in a certain pattern in a stump, or saying a certain phrase at a hidden shrine. I miss the pizza parties. Somehow chat in WoW is never like what it was there.

How - I transferred Esoterique, changing her name to Dinnaeh. I've been leveling like a madwoman. The guild is looking for more. Try and reach Bloofie or Alii , or pretty much any Titans member. What do they need more of? I hear healers are in short supply. Not sure on anything else, so if you are interested, and you are geared for mid-late Ulduar, send a tell!

So that is what I have been up to the last week or so, in a nutshell. Prior to Eso's transfer, I had made a paladin and got her to about 15, and parked her in Exodar. You have to have a bank helper, right? Servers are back up, and it's time to put Dinnaeh's nose to the stone. Tell me what you have been up to below! Yes, I know you're out there, lurking. So come out for a minute and say hi. I'm pretty sure I don't bite.


Leiandra said...

You actually got your bank toon to 15? I think my normal bank toons are all level 1. Shoot.. should just get her to 20 now so you can have faster times between the mailbox, the AH and the bank. :)

Sound like you're having fun though. That's cool.

I've mainly been running heroics on my limited play time. Amazing how RL can get in the way of Wow sometimes.

Oh, and... you might want to promise to bite. That'll probably get more people to comment. lol.

Shawndra said...

Hey Leiandra :)

Yeah, but if I promise to bite they'll start expecting it...

Not sure I want to commit to that!