Thursday, September 24, 2009


Money's too tight to mention....

But I just mentioned it. Silly song! In order to help pay a few bills before they became critical, hubby and I listed a few trading cards on eBay. I listed them around the lower end of what everyone was selling them for. I hoped they would sell, but I was kind of skeptical. It's not like the auction house in game, where if you don't sell it, you just re-list it. We needed the money, and I was sure we weren't going to get it.

I was wrong. A couple days into the auctions, I flipped over to our eBay sellers page, and we had sold one! I started packaging it in its promised inner packaging, and checked the delivery instructions. Between the street address and the city, state, and zip code line, the instructions read,"leave by back basement door".

I have been sitting here waiting for something witty to say about the instructions. Something about stereotypical gamers...I got nothing. But the instructions made me giggle. I guess that is enough. Well, the money is nice, too. Thanks for paying my utilities!

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