Friday, October 9, 2009


It's been a while since I brought up my human paladin, Anselma. She had been sitting on my husband's account, an unfortunate pawn waiting out her time until she could be moved back to my account. She was originally moved because she was the only free alliance character above level 55 I had available to move so that my hubby could make a death knight on one of the servers I was enjoying at the time. The death knight is just a name on an unplayed character list now. Anselma, on the other hand, is enjoying some playtime as the time I had to raid is just a happy memory.

Anselma was 55 when I moved her back to my account and to my Alliance home, Shadowsong. Today, she is sitting pretty at 66. Protection AoE leveling is fun! Nesingwary thinks I need practice hunting? HAH! I took on 4 of those clefthoof beasties and emerged triumphant, skins slung over my shoulder and meat packed for shipping. Rock elementals gone wild? Selma's your gal. She'll even break their rocky remains into dust and crystalline debris, just so you don't have to send clean up crews later. And those muck spawns below Halaa? Silenced, rounded up, and reduced back to the water they came from. Take that, Nagrand!

Halfway through with the Throne of Elements quests and Nesingwary's Nagrand Safari, Anselma headed over to Telaar. There, she hooked up with a minor celebrity...

Where is he famous from? Running up a little girl's cell phone bill, is where. Banned to Nagrand for his trespasses, he hands out quests and wears a color he is not quite fond of as punishment. It's ok, Jill, the robe does match your eyes.

So there you go. This is my shame, at not having posted for so long because I was wrapped around Anselma's little finger. She was my very first non Horde character, and I am remembering why I loved her before.

Because she is a cockroach. You can't kill her. Her health dips to critical levels and she bubbles. No mana? No problem. She bandages while they beat on her. Oh, pulled a few too many? No she didn't. One more joins the party? Hot sauce, this is fun! Oops, health is dropping and mana is dry....Lay on Hands! then, Seal of Wisdom and Judgement of Wisdom...back to health and mana is filling as they beat on her some more.

Alright, apologies done and a post made, I'm going back to playing with Anselma. Northrend by Monday!


Krick said...

I hope you got one of these as soon as you hit level 62. Best...aoe-leveling...shield...evar...

Petrified Lichen Guard

If you still need Sporeggar rep, there's a cave in the south-eastern tip of Zangarmarsh that's filled with Marsh Dredgers and Marsh Lurkers that give 15 rep each.

Shawndra said...

@Krick Check her armory! Anselma is sitting in some inn in Borean Tundra, sipping an ale with her shield slung over the back of her chair :)

How well does it work in Northrend? Did you use it out there, too?

How you been? New job keeping you too busy to log in? Or am I just missing you? This is my favorite pally tank, evar, right? *batlashes*

Krick said...

The Petrified Lichen Guard works just fine in Northrend and I used it while leveling most of the way to 80 (with one of the better shield spikes on it).

However, I wouldn't try to tank any Northrend instances with it.

Yep, it is I. Work has been wearing me out mentally. I get home and I usually just want to go to sleep after dinner. I'm gonna hop on for about half an hour tonight, as soon as I finish posting this.

Shawndra said...

Darn it I missed you again. Tuesday is "watch all the shows I missed Monday" night at this house.

I just logged in to see Jabraun on Shindor, probably afk grinding in a battleground.

Just like old times, with about 75% less people online...