Monday, October 19, 2009

Riverside/San Bernardino Meet Up?

I hear they have this great meet up for the Los Angeles area World of Warcraft players, and I thought, gee, that isn't so far away. Then I looked a my husband, opened my mouth to say something about it, and promptly shut it. It really is far away. I live on the edge of a bit of desert that separates a historic stagecoach stop from Palm Springs. My closest famous neighbor is a dinosaur best remembered from a Pee Wee Herman movie. I guess what I am trying to say is, I feel like I live in the back of beyond. So, I need something closer than Los Angeles.

I know there are people in this area that enjoy World of Warcraft as much as I do. I know there are even some on the Smolderthorn server, even though it is an eastern time zone server. I know there is at least one commenter that isn't too far away too consider a Riverside area meet up a stretch, once in a while.

So, comment away. Is there a group already going? Do we desperately need to make one? I sure would love to gather with people who enjoy the same stuff as I do in real life instead of always behind this keyboard. I know you do, too. That's right, I am pointing right at you. Go on and start a discussion below.


Leiandra said...

I am unaware of this Los Angeles meetup group you speak of. I thought that Blizzcon was our meetup group. :)

Shawndra said...

@Leiandra I thought there were a bunch of people who met up in LA regularly? I could be wrong. But LA stinks...I'd rather have a really great bunch of people to hang out with out here!

So I vote that we make everyone we know come over here and post their town, so we can find a middle ground :)

I am still upset that my summer took my finances so far into the hole that I couldn't meet up with everyone at Blizzcon. It would have been fun!