Thursday, September 10, 2009


Yesterday, I logged into Shadowsong and found the guild was raiding Trial of the Crusader. So, knowing noone else was on to do dungeon runs, I logged in to Bladefist. I asked if anyone was interested in running anything, got the standard no reply, so went off on my own to find things to do. I got into a 10 man Vault of Archavon, only dying once (glass area in the fire guy's room is bad!), got the achievement but no gear. So, I was invited to a 25 man Vault of Archavon run that was slow filling up. I asked in guild if anyone wanted to go, got no response. By then I decided I would get into ventrilo to see if anyone was in there and chatting. There were two guys in there talking about jobs that involve unions and parking cars. I didn't want to interrupt, so I left the server. I found out later, when I asked a second time, that the guild was saving themselves for a run some night later in the week, at around 10 server. I'm glad someone piped in. I wish someone had said something earlier.

Back to the point. Since noone wanted to run anything (I asked again not long after finding out about the raid times), I logged in to Delgada, logging in to the KNR ventrilo at the same time, and joined lfg. I chatted with two of my guildmates who were playing Aion while I skipped around Dalaran. I got invited to the heroic daily, picked up the quests, and got summoned to the instance. I stepped through the portal then opened my bags. I had in my bags 1 epic drake mount, a hearthstone, a duplicate robot pet key, and a piece of level 75 meat. No candles, no water, no buff food, no potions, nada. I healed all of Old Kingdom, on heroic, with nothing! I even died once, got rezzed, and the tank went off without a care in the world. Healed up a little, got a very small bit of mana, and kept healing.

After that instance, I hearthed back to Dalaran, bought some water and a couple of mana potions, and raided my bank for some food. See, I had emptied my bags so I could cart all the stuff that got sent back by Blizzard from the time our guild bank was cleared out, and I forgot to restock. What a dummy! Now, with part of the items I needed, I went off with the same tank to do heroic Culling of Stratholme. I let one of the rogues die (I think I was being attacked by a kitten), so we just missed the timed event. Quest complete, we hearthed out, and I logged out after that.

So, I guess Delgada is at the point where she could pretty much faceroll through heroics now. Too bad the guild is off doing their own thing. I miss them!

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