Friday, March 13, 2009

Shadow Priest Kindergarten - The Look

Good Afternoon, class! Welcome back to Shadow Priest Kindergarten. Today we will be exploring the fun and fabulous world of Shadow Priest Fashion. We all wear cloth, but we don't always wear the same cloth as our healing other half.

As we are leveling, we shouldn't be too concerned about how we are dressed. Quest rewards and the odd lucky drop should carry us through. I do recommend picking up some Outland gear at level 58 to help protect and enhance until you are receiving the Outlandish gear that the quest givers reward. (Outlandish is a nice way to explain the look you get when combining the different quest rewards. It would be more accurate to say that it turns the female character into a Vegas showgirl with a cowboy hat. Thank goodness for our all outfit enhancing shadow form!)

In a few posts not long ago, I had lined up a guide to finding as much gear that provides Hit Rating as possible. As a shadow priest, we don't need to amass as much as a holy priest would, so pick and choose your favorite items to hit that magic rating of 290. This is for starters. When you feel comfortable in what you have, follow this link to's ultimate shopping list. Just keep in mind as you shop, that if you replace an item that has hit with one that does not, you will have to make up that lost stat elsewhere. If you don't want to find gear that has it, follow this link to my guides on gemming, enchanting, and consumables to add hit rating.

Since the work here is already done, I will leave you to your shopping. Next class will be on spell priority. Since I am letting you out early today, please make good use of your time and visit some other priest-centric blogs, such as World of Snarkcraft, World of Matticus, The Egotistical Priest, Misery and the Pugnacious Priest. There may be a test later....

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Merlot said...


Hello! Always a pleasure to find another face melter on the blogosphere. I need to study your class on action bars cos mine's a mess. It grew rather organically as I levelled and if I move things now I just know I'll spend weeks mashing the wrong buttons. But it definitely needs to happen, and you may just have given me the spur I need, ty :)