Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Go Home, Nat, You're Drunk.

Hurrying Home.
While I was doing my daily fishing quest, I decided I would finish up the Draenor Angler achievement so I could upgrade my fishing shack to level 3. I was already working on it, in the haphazard way of doing the daily fishing quest, and had decided to finish out whatever fish I had that day if I hadn't already. Then, While I was in Nagrand, a pretty new fishing pole dropped, and I decided I needed to finish now. See that pretty gold pole on Del's back? Here's a better picture of it

Ephemeral Fishing Pole.

At first I was very excited, because it was so pretty and I thought I finally had a replacement for my Kalu'ak pole. Then I looked more closely at it and noticed it had a duration of 1 day. Turns out that one day is not real time, but game time. Still, I thought it was real time, so I packed Del a takeout box of her favorite Blackrock Barbecue and sent her off with her bodyguard Vivianne to finish the achievement. With this pole and the Fishing Buddy add-on, she was done in a couple of hours. It would have been longer without it, trying to find the lures in Del's enormous bag full of junk and then put on the highest one, and then the zone specific one! With the add-on, a double right click adds the lures, one at a time, and then casts the line. It even tracks what she catches in each new sub-zone she moves to.

Achievement complete, Del bought the plans for the upgraded shack and built it.

Yes, I want to know about Nat Pagle!
He told me to go back to Pandaria and lure him here with promises of great fishing, and sent me with a catch of my own as proof.

Yes, you should leave all this booze, and fish with me!
He comes to my garrison and promptly sends me out to prove I am worthy of his companionship. Del had to fish up lunkers of every type of zone specific freshwater fish. That last sentence is a huge clue for later, kids. She gathered them all in another hour and Nat approved her catch and became her follower.

Normally, you'd be happy to have another follower. You can continue to earn reputation with him, and he gives you coins for catching lunkers that you can spend to buy items only he sells. I thought that once he was happily set up in my fishing shack next to a well stocked private lake he would stay put. Nope.

Begging for beer and jeering at my catch.
Wherever Del goes to fish, he shows up. His constant complaining about Del's lack of a beer cooler is making her think twice about finishing out her reputation with him. Only a little, because she wants what he sells.Oh, and she can complain all she wants to my fishing buddies, because they can't see him. So, not only is Del drinking because it helps her catch lunkers, she is hallucinating? Put down the pole, it's time to sober up.

No, Nat, it's my hat. 
Go home, Nat, you're drunk.

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