Saturday, December 6, 2014

Goblins vs Gnomes Arena Fun!

I'm game!
I always start my gaming time at home with Hearthstone. It gives me time to organize the real life stuff, and I get my dailies out of the way. I was surprised to see this on my screen when I opened up the game! Then, there was this...

Free Arena!
There were three card changes I wanted to check before I started building my deck. Flare is now a 2 cost card that still destroys all enemy secrets and takes away stealth. The Gadgetzan Auctioneer is now a 6 cost 4/4 minion that still gives cards when friendly spells are cast.There was a warlock spell that the mana cost was changed on, but I decided I wasn't upset about the changes and hurried into the arena where I drafted this deck.

Lots of fun new cards!
I had my choice of druid, paladin, and warrior. I chose paladin, because they are my favorite class to play in arena. There are a lot of fun cards in here! I'll be back after I'm done with my arena bouts to share the fun and prizes!

This was the best arena key I have ever played! I used the arena deck building guide from Icy Veins to help with some of my choices, except when a Goblins vs Gnomes card was in the mix. I picked every one I could, and in the rare case I had two to choose from, I chose one that I didn't have already in the deck. My favorite cards? There were a few. 

Mini Truesilver Champion, kinda.
It's a flip flop of the True Silver Champion, giving more health and doing less damage. For the price, it is a great removal spell early in the game if you are being hit by a bunch of little minions.

Random is always fun!
This is a great one when you have a lot of minions out! I had a lot of fun with this one. Here is a screenshot of one play I made with him. Another great idea is to throw him up after a Defender of Argus  or Sunfury Protector for a chance at shielded taunts!

Almost perfectly buffed, at random!
Watch your cards fly away!
This is one you don't want to play lightly. He's a good one to put up late game when you have all you need in your hand, but not good early in the game. I put him up after several turns at 10 pips, and even then I cringed to see cards I could use flying away.

There were a lot of cards I saw played against me that I am excited to add to my deck. New pirates! The ogre cards are a laugh  with their low cost and 50% fail (or lucky misdirect) rate. There were other cards I played that were worth mentioning.

Random minion?
Here is how random this one was. First time, I got a new card, the Ship's Cannon. It works like the Knife Juggler, except only if you play a pirate. The other times this died, I got a Dire Wolf Alpha, a Novice Engineer, and a Cruel Task Master. Like the other cards that draw a random minion, they lost their battlecry, but it was fun waiting to see what I got!

What does that do?
This one can be pretty helpful, and with all the low cost things he does, I think he would be a great card for a rogue. The spare parts I got the few times he died were Armor Plating, a Time Rewinder, a Reversing Switch, and Whirling Blades. Someone that played against me got a Rusty Horn. Can you imagine turning a Chillwind Yeti into a taunt minion? The person I played against put it on an Azure Drake.

My Best Arena Key Ever!
This was a very good key for me. For rewards, I got 25 gold, 155 gold, and of course a pack of cards, which in turn gave me a legendary that I already had. I pushed all my gold into another arena key, which I promptly lost because I grabbed EVERY Goblins vs Gnomes card I could find and threw deck balance to the wind! I am so excited to collect all the new cards, aren't you? Did you try the free arena key? What were your favorite cards? Tell me in the comments!

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