Monday, January 5, 2015

My November in Draenor.

It's been a busy few months here in my house. Hubby and eldest daughter were both working graveyards for most of the holiday season, and tonnes of overtime to boot. We have one car, and the logistics involved in getting the family where they needed to be with those two huge hurdles was only half of the reason I haven't been here much. Things are slowing down a little, as only hubby has been kept on. I might have time and energy to post! Here are a few pictures and reasons behind them for my first month in Draenor. The expansion is wonderful, and I find that I am getting more accomplished than ever, yet still find myself behind where I want to be. 

Choir of sopranos sing Ahhh!
 My server has got to be the least problematic of most. We aren't linked up with anyone. We aren't high or even medium population. The Horde side of things is less populated than the Alliance side. The fateful day that everyone else was stuck in a queue? Once I had 60 or more people waiting ahead of me to log in. It took me about 5 minutes to get on. Then the DDoS attacks hit and noone could get on. I think I remember cursing and fuming at a day off wasted.

You got a little something, uhh, nevermind.
I love the Goren about as much as I despise those evil little flower people. They're mean, but they roll. The quest in Gorgrond that takes you in disguise through their tunnels was too much fun. I love that there is a transformation toy hidden in a cave inside an egg out in that awful place where the Goren and Gronn fight endlessly. Did you find it, too? I'm a huge cheater and got the add-on to my Handy Notes so I can find ALL THE THINGS. Just because they are on my map doesn't mean I know how to get to them. Jumping games are a weak point of mine, and then there are the flying games in Nagrand. That map and all its notes taunt me.

Big Green Plant Guy!
 OK, so this is the rare big green plant guy, Bashiok. The green areas in Gorgrond make me happy like nothing else does. I'm still looking for that perfect screenshot to re-do my banner, until I find another place that makes me smile as big.

Out with the old, but slowly and awkwardly.
 Talador was the first place where quest rewards were good enough to start replacing my sad excuse for raiding gear. This robe makes me want to cry. Everyone else is so excited because it's slinky and sexy and it has a tattoo on the shoulder. Delgada's shoulder bones cover most of the tattoo, her boobs are saggy, and her belly. ewww. I took this more for the eerie coloring from a quest I was doing or something I had killed. Her outfit at this point still matched, a little. Something I loved about Talador (well, what I love about all of this) was the surprise I got running up to a quest giver only to see her blown up in front of me. Maybe that was why she looks so bewildered. I didn't notice the boots Deceptia (clever name) left behind until someone in Mumble exclaimed over the still smoking shoes. Good thing they stayed there until I went back.

The right person for the job.
 Missions are fun and they are a chore. Delgada has reaped many rewards from her followers missions. Another dirty secret is that I am using Master Plan to help me fill in the blanks for optimal mission success, but I haven't turned off the quest completion, because I love to see that my followers actually do something.

Some treasures make me sad.
There are stories everywhere in this expansion. Nagrand is a dangerous place for adventurers, it seems. Moments like these are why I am not sad that I have Handy Notes. What would I miss if I didn't know where to look? I asked for more stories, and I got them.

I don't speak binary.
This is in Gorgrond. I originally took this screenshot so I could find out what he was saying. As usual, there are people on WoWhead who have deciphered his several bits of dialog. I'll let you look at the comments, but I'll also say, that was a hungry, hungry hippo! Oh, and tab over to the npc abilities after. I love the pop culture references in this game!

Pepe and I adventure together.
By the time Delgada hit Nagrand, all her gear had been replaced, save for her legendary stave and cloak. I am going to have to hunt down the bind on equip versions of these as I really loved the way they looked, but in my haste to fuel work orders, I turned them into dust. I'm sure it was too long ago to recover, and it really isn't a priority. Replacing the cloak that finally retired the legendary cloak was important (I dusted it in a frenzy of cleaning out way too full bags while I had the Orgrimmar cloak equipped!), but this? Nahhh. Oh, and Pepe, I love you. I saw that Euphyley had made a charm and so badly wanted one! When she listed the second I was on my phone trying to buy it when my browser glitched, or someone was ordering at the same time as me, and I lost. She has made more, and I plan to be finally in possession of a real world Pepe soon. I'm almost thinking about backing out all that I just typed so noone will try and shop for one against me. I'll take my chances, mostly because you all need to find Euphyley on Etsy and buy all her things!

That was my November in review. I plan to follow this with December in review, and January, then back to normal things as life allows. Teenage girls and of-age-but-not-adult children are so challenging! If you don't see me in Azeroth, you can find me at Starbucks, hiding behind a large cup of chai tea. Until next time, keep looking for the stories in Draenor. I'd love to hear what you found in the comments.

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