Sunday, September 22, 2013

So Much To Do... little time to do it all!  My seven days of heaven (in WoW) are done, and I find that I accomplished very little.  I managed to upgrade Delgada and Halinka's gear.  Shawndra finally got to 90 and equipped what Del sent her, then made her way to the Isle to gain a few pieces on her own.  After that, I fixed her talent choices and her rotations, gemmed and enchanted as much of her gear as possible, and moved some stats around with the ethereals in the Shrine.  Then, having read a few blogs about what was available with this patch aside from the Isle of Endless Loot, I hit my wall.  There was too much to do and not enough time to do anything about it. So what did I do? I stopped playing and started doing housework.

Eating someone else's noodles, because finishing the quest would be smart.

I might get to come back in November, just before the convention.  By then, I should have a nice to do list, which will help with that overwhelmed feeling. I hope you all are enjoying your time in Azeroth, and I look forward to reading all about your exploits, here in the comments or on your blogs.  TTFN!

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