Monday, September 16, 2013

Seven Days!

Thanks, Blizzard!

I've been missing Azeroth, and no amount of playing Star Wars Galaxies EMU dulled it.  As much as I love housing and complex crafting and depending heavily on other players, I love my characters and friends in Azeroth.  I was thrilled to see that ad for a free 7 days on Facebook.  I could play the new patch before everyone is bored with it!

I signed up yesterday for my week of fun and left my computer to grab the patch while I sat in church.  When I got home, as usual, I logged in before I remembered that I had to update my add-ons, so I logged back out, took 5 minutes to update them, and logged back in to Delgada in the ugliest transmog I've ever cooked up. So, I shuffled around in her bags and came up with this.

 Chief Architect's Monocle
Tenderheart Shoulders
Malevolent Gladiator's Drape of Prowess
Robe of the Void
Gloves of Prophecy
Zandalar Confessor's Bindings
Boots of Transcendence
Valius, Gavel of the Lightbringer
Eerie Stable Lantern

Dressed for business, she flew to Chromie's aid and used her trinket to transport her to the Timeless Isle.  Zul'jin is crowded at the best of times, and was pretty unmanageable at 2 on a Sunday afternoon.  Still, Del managed to upgrade several pieces and gather a lot of extra bits for Shawndra and the rest of her alt army. She finished the riddle quest after much fuming around that little pond waiting for a taxi.  The server responses started to get slower and slower.  I left Delgada up near the end of the riddle quest in hopes that she might kill the rare up there later, and logged in Halinka.  She got right to work, skinning and herbing and gathering lots of coins (and gambling a few away on chancy treasure trove keys).  Borean Tundra is a much more hospitable place to do anything, and she managed to upgrade 75%  of her wardrobe and gather several achievements. Halinka may be almost even with Delgada in gear score very soon!

I logged in today to Halinka and started to farm for pets.  I heard somewhere that the Azure Crane Chick came from the crane nests, so she spent a very short bit of time killing cranes and looting nests.  While she was doing that, she managed to finish the quest lines to a point where she can't go any further on one and gaining rep with Shao-hao on the other.  Oh, and she bought some ridiculous things for her pug to wear.

Pug gets a cute hat while Halinka breaks her transmog with new gloves.

The guy behind her is probably familiar to everyone who reads this. He sells pug head gear for 500 Timeless Coins (5 uses per item) and a class specific vanity glyph pattern, which is also on the loot tables for something on the island, because somehow Hal already had it.  I bought the big bow, too, and I could swear I took pictures while giggling over the silliness of it, but I can't find one.  Instead, I give you Halinka the pink skeleton ghost, complete with her crow animation.

Halinka and her parrot, err, shadowfiend.

Did I tell you Hal loves to pick things up?  If it can be clicked on and looted, she has probably had one.  She found some fun claws Sunday, and today she found this lovely hat.

Transmog completely ruined.  
I guess they are part of an achievement for finding lost heirlooms or something.  All I know is this hat is pure trouble, unless you like grabbing every mob on the whole island and trying to live through it.  OK, so I exaggerate, but Halinka is a fragile, under-geared, un-enchanted and un-gemmed beauty.  This hat about killed her, because like picking things up, she also like to push shiny buttons, like this one.

Push Me!

Some time after this, I grew tired of Halinka and wanted to log in Carlatta, my hunter on the Cenarius server.  There are no pictures, there are no words except one; Damn.  I logged in to the server to Carlatta standing in an empty Shrine.  I ran her to the door to make sure I was in the right one, and the game caught up with her and dragged her back to the Innkeeper's podium where she was given Chromie's quest.  She ran out to the flight deck, pulled out a random flying mount (was it a nether ray?) and flew to his aid.  By the way, all you NPCs that keep calling Chromie a girl, he's messing with your mind.  Chromie is a boy!  But, I had Carlatta try and help, really I did.  She turned in the feeder quest, and waited.  Then she clicked on Chromie more, and waited longer.  Then the server caught up and quickly dumped the quest on her as she was clicking Chromie again in frustration.  So, she took some of it out on that hourglass thingy and transported herself to the Isle.  She arrived to an Empty Huojin Camp on an Empty Timeless Isle.  Having had so much fun already, Carlatta decided to plop down on the beach and log out.  But the server wouldn't let go.  In my ears, my friends were complaining about Zul'jin crashing.  In general chat, there was a mac versus pc debate happening.  The logout timer had long since disappeared.  I shut off my headset, logged out of Ventrilo, and dragged myself to my room for a nap while Carlatta sat waiting for Cenarius to let her take a nap, too.

So, two days of fun down, 5 more to go!  Thanks again, Blizzard, for letting me in for a week.  I look forward to saying hi to many of you in game soon.  Until then, make sure to grab a piece of that yummy barbecue from the Yaungol fire pits while you slaughter them in Shao-hao's name.  You'll be missing out if you don't!


Tome of the Ancient said...

Yay! I'm glad you're here! And tell Delgada she looks lovely in her outfit!

Jeni Morton said...

Wow, Tome, I am such a slacker! Sorry I didn't respond back right away. Del's outfit lasted about 30 minutes. Now, she has lovely pieces from the Isle! Well, she is back looking like she did when she started her rep grind after hitting 90!