Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A Little Jealous.

Money is tight, and though I have managed to keep my internet going (It's actually necessary for one member of my household who does his school at home), World of Warcraft is a luxury I cannot afford.  I tried playing the trial version for a bit. but I was annoyed by pet tamers showing me quests I couldn't do and wild pets showing on my map that I couldn't battle.  Funny thing is, my trial account is linked to my main account, so I have all the titles, all the pets, and all the mounts.  I can build a pet battle team but can't use it.  I can see the choice to make a death knight, but I'm pretty sure that I can't really play one. I've started at least three different characters, all to be dumped in the first inn available for boredom's sake.  I'm sure if I could get to 15, I might enjoy random dungeons for a while.  I might even have fun in battlegrounds if I could hit level 10.  Why does that seem like work to me?  10 used to be easy to hit in a couple of hours for me, and now I drag my feet and complain.   It's not like I am given to leaning on heirlooms or guild perks for leveling alts usually.  Maybe it's having to set up my UI all over again every time my game crashes or I leave my toon standing in the middle of (place closest capitol city here) and the game dumps me due to inactivity.  

Oh well.  My point is I'm a little jealous (see title).  The latest patch is upon us, and I'm on the outside looking in.  Thanks to the many great writers I follow, I have been getting little glimpses of the fun stuff I'm missing.  Don't think I am ungrateful!  I just wish I was steering Delgada into the wilds, experiencing the same things I read about, taking screenshots and chatting with all those that have me on their RealID lists.  I want to post stuff on my blog about all the great stuff that is happening, too!

Sy Snootles with Max Rebo and his band pretending to play instruments.

That's enough complaining out of me.  I'm still playing Star Wars Galaxies EMU on the Basilisk server.  I have 5 characters (6 if you count my daughters lizard) now, as the new guild I am in keeps razzing me about making a chef.  Why are they poking at me to do it? Because many of them have maxed out their allotted characters and I already have a bio engineer to provide the extra bonus tissues for it, so why not?  The game is still fun, and I am out hunting (krayt) dragons, harvesting resources, making pretty clothes, and now leveling a baby Sullustan who will eventually be a master chef and master swordsman with a smattering of scout for the creature harvesting and mask scent (so she can milk sharnaffs) and a smidge more in the artisan tree to give her a vendor. Want to see the beautiful and talented Julmo?  OK, OK stop!  I'll go fetch a picture of her.

In Sullust she is considered a goddess!

An interesting read if you are curious about the Sullustan race can be found in the Wookieepedia (not making this up, I swear!).  Apparently Julmo is not Ready yet, or else she would be busy; REALLY busy.  Until she is, I'll fill her time making Pikatta Pie and Synthsteak.  Oh, and I read in that article that the females grow cranial hair.  I'll have to take her to visit Karin in the Image Designer tent in Coronet to see about that.  I think a long, flowing ponytail would make her look simply stunning!  In the meantime, I'll be browsing the bazaar looking for some headgear or a veil or something.  No amount of customization made her something I want to look at head on for any amount of time.  Poor girl.

That's all I have for now.  I'll sit here next to my comment box and hope to get some postcards from all of you basking in the fun of whatever vacation spot you're enjoying!


Navimie said...

Aw Shawndra I didn't know you had run out of time on your account and money was tight!

Hopefully things will be on the upturn and we'll see you in game sometime soon to see all these new shinies that patch brings.

Jeni Morton said...

Normally it wouldn't be that hard to keep my account open, but I was off for the summer, per usual, then went back to work for 3 days and am off again on medical leave until October. Gotta make that dollar stretch!

Jojo said...

A while back my game-time ran out and I had no money so I started a trial acocunt. It was just wweird not being able to play my characters, not having bag space, not being able to craft this or that or take something from my personal guild bank. I had to make my own fun and resorted to stalking my guildies around Stormwind and seeing how long I could follow them before they said something. I realise this is VERY weird but it was fun!
In the end I started playing SWTOR which whilst it wasn't WoW it kept me occupied. Plus I played various other games, such as Zoo Tycoon.
Im also facing tighter finances in the near future. I have a few more weeks of game-time so I'll have to see how much money I have then.

Jeni Morton said...

There are so many free to play titles there is really no reason to worry about a month or more of not being able to sub to my favorite. It will be fresh and new when I get back! Still, I miss the people...