Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Giants Are Awake...

...and are no longer imagining the world of Ur.  My game froze just after I made level 12 and finished the Last Pilgrimage of Esquibeth, right at 7:55 Pacific time.  To be clear, I invited myself on another mail account so I could start again from the beginning and record it, for my self and possibly after I get around to editing it, for others.

Here are some last hurrah pictures.  The Forehorsemen made a brief cameo today, as their first and last showing in the game.  A little humor went a long way to lightening the mood.

I just got my papers, and now I don't need them?

Friendly told us to throw caution, and our clothes, to the wind.  The end is neigh!!
Here is an end of Ur party happening in another street.  I chose not to party like it was the last day of that mayan calendar, but for some, it's the way to do it.

What better place to end it than where most of us started, in Groddle Meadow.

Most of the regularly traveled parts of Ur were littered with empty bags and items that held no more interest to their owners.  Some places were made into shrines to favorite giants and to the game developers.  Some places were just decorated with whatever items Glitchen could drop from their bags.  Because of this, my new Glitchen Delgada got a good kick in the leveling, discovering many new items just by picking them up and giving them a new home.  I didn't disturb shrines, just junk piles.  I hope you all understand.  It was all in the name of preserving the story and the game for posterity.  Honest!

A special area hidden in an apartment building dedicated to Stoot Barfield, the main man behind Glitch.
Last shot of Eromee's house, showing off her favorite things.

So, that is the end.  I have been told that all our Glitchen will be preserved, along with the game world, on a drive and stored. Will it ever be used again?  One of the giants seemed to think it was possible.  Until then, Ur will live on in the imagination of those that made it and played in it.  Check out the IndieGoGo pages for the upcoming Art of Glitch hardcover book and for the Glitch Soundtrack.  Both are funded and just gaining more for upgrading the projects and who knows what else?  Also, check out the new, almost released iPad app, Glitchamaphone.  So cute!

Goodbye, Giants!  Goodbye, piggies and butterflies!  Goodbye, Beany, Spicy, and Bubbles!  Goodbye, herb and veggie gardens.  Goodbye salmen, you can leave my pocket now.  Goodbye, Glitchen! 

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