Sunday, December 16, 2012

Skipping Merrily Along...

I just love this robe.

After the story of Pandaria was complete, Delgadita has been completing things as the mood strikes her. She has dabbled in the Angler's dailies, finished the Tiller's (except for Sho, she's a toughie), and finished the Lorewalkers and Wind Serpents.  Somehow she managed to reach revered with the Golden Lotus, and did one daily for the August Celestials, but only visited the flight point for the Shado-Pan.  She hasn't bothered to find the area in the Krasarang Wilds where the Horde has landed.  Pet Battles consume most of her game time, along with tending to her Songbells and looking for mislaid items.

But I look so fat in my bikini!
One day she devoted to killing all the elite Makrura that make up the item to summon their leader.  Another day, after running around looking for items forgotten in bushes and mires in the Dread Wastes, she decided to try and kill an elite clam, and got a neat-o item.  Another day she spent trying, without any luck, to get a rare Nether Faerie Dragon in Dire Maul.  For days, she tried to find a Giraffe Calf and a Harpy Youngling, only to get both after staying up really late.

I have no direction, no drive.  I want to be able to raid, but my guild doesn't have enough on ever for that.  I want to remember how to heal, but am afraid to practice on strangers. I almost want to level an alt, but I really should be working on reputation with Del, so that the other reputation gains on my other characters go easier.  Ugh.  Reputation grinds stink. AQ sounds like more fun right now.

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