Thursday, December 6, 2012


I'm sitting here tearing up.  I know I have a little more than a whole day left to play, but I am going to be busy.  Here are some more pictures.  If the ink is smeared, please forgive me.  I can't help myself.

Glad I'm Glitchen...

New Area...Pretty and Blah at the same time.

Fondly referred to by most as "Asslandia".

I like the campfire here. Too bad Glitchen don't know how to sit.

My newest friend, Craftybot.

Don't jump!

The entry to Axis Denyde.  Sad dead Glitchen and petrified plate of peas.

Glitch train.  Choo-Choo!

The first time I met the food vendor!
More pictures ahead.  I can't choose from the zillion and a half I took!  Also, one of the game artists is hosting in their Etsy shop prints from the game. Some limited editions have already sold out, so if you are interested in some of the art from the game, visit Meowza's shop!  Another Etsy shop owner, Tamiris, has made some cute amigurumi that look like the cubimals in the game.  Too cute to pass up!  I almost missed seeing that Kukubee, another game artist, is making pouches of Glitchen on their home street.  For 20 dollars, I would never be able to use it, but it is a neat thing to remember your Glitchen by!  An Etsy search also shows a yeti hat and a messenger frog cubimal stuffed toy.

Okay, off to sort through the snaps and post another bunch.  Still have invites available for the last hurrah.  Not sure that just a day is enough to experience the fun that this game has been.  *sigh*

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