Sunday, August 5, 2012

Finished Outfit - Minya of Shadowsong

Not everyone can carry off this look!

Minya is a hunter I seldom get to play with.  My eldest daughter, when she found out about transmogrification, took her shopping and had a good start on this outfit when I logged her in tonight.  All she needed was the gloves, shoulders, and a coordinating gun.  All the pieces except the belt are from the Combat Mail (recolor) set.  The belt is the Ornate Girdle, and the gun is a Fel Iron Musket.  The blade only matches a little, but I am not changing that because she likes it (Blade of the Titans).

Maybe with this hot new number she'll get some more play time.  Sadly, Carlatta of Cenarius is still leveling, at a hearty level 81.  This means that, unless I allow my daughter some play time, she will be stuck in Grizzly Hills for a while.  I'd post a progress shot of Carlatta, but she is in an ugly flux of transmogrification herself, missing a belt and some boots.  

It's late, but it is so hot!  Hope you are more comfortable where you are.  I'm off to try and catch the Sandman.  Goodnight, world!


Leiandra said...

Looks great. I need a good transmog outfit for my mage. Can I hire your daughter to go shopping for me? lol

Shawndra said...

Sure! Add me on real id ( She'll be glad to hang out and go shopping!

Navimie said...

Shawndra you look hot! Those draenei always look amazing in skimpy gear :D

Shawndra said...

That outfit is so neat, I stopped being mad at my daughter for changing her hair color almost immediately :) Thanks for stopping by, Navimie. What a surprise!