Friday, August 17, 2012

Finally! Carlatta of Cenarius

From the front.

See those boots?  That was all I was waiting on to finish this outfit for Carlatta.  When I found them today on the auction house I had to take a double take, as this server doesn't seem to list many green items on the auction house.  Here is the list of lovely bits and pieces I put together to make this outfit happen.

There is a cloak, the Warmonger's Cloak, that completes the set nicely. After a little discussion with Carlatta, we decided not to show the cloak, or a helm because the helm would just mess with a perfect hair do, and the cloak hides this nice bit of scenery in the back...

There you have it, friends.  I just love this outfit!  Under the pretty colors and design, Carlatta is working on her raiding gear, slowly.  Tonight she hopes to purchase gloves and work her way toward a neck piece or a trinket.  If I'm not falling down tired, that is.  Have a great Friday, everyone!

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