Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Yeah, I Made That.

Sunrise in North Burb.
 Eromee woke up in North Burb today, ready to head for Embry Crossroads.  Looking much nicer in her duster, slacks, and high top sneakers, she felt ready to face whatever they threw at her.

Looking more the professional and less the scavenger.
I looked at the tag on her duster, and though fashionable, it places a debuff on one of her main stats.  So, before I sent her to bed for the evening, I made her a new jacket with better stats and no encumbrances.

This jacket I don't trip on.
Tonight, I tasked her with making several new belts and one long red glove. On the table for next play session is some wood scavenging so she can make a more powerful crossbow, learning the new armor items from the books she was rewarded, and finding some scrap glass to make mason jars for a quest.  Oh, and killing lots and lots of baddies for cloth, skunky beer, and dog food.  No, just for the cloth.  I haven't touched the dog food yet, and the beer?  Our little secret...

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