Monday, January 16, 2012

Love Hate Relationship

Star Wars: The New Republic is a good game.  There are parts I just love.   I love that I can go play with my hubby in the PvP areas, despite the level difference.  I love that I get these seemingly random quests to go neck with my "companion" while we are wreaking havok on whatever planet we happen to be on.  I love that I can be crafting while I am chatting up the locals and bending their will to mine. I love the voice of my "companion" Andronikos Revel.

Hello there, hot stuff.  Can we talk, in my quarters?
Then there are the things I don't love.  Hate is a strong word, but in some cases, it is the only word that really does the job.  I hate the loading screens.  I hate the cool casinos that I can't play games in.  I hate the auction house.  I hate the space battles.  I hate Huttball.  I hate my character.

I have a pocket full of credits and an itch to play Sabacc.
What, you say?  You made her how she is.  How could you possibly hate her?  Well, I decided to walk the path of the Sith and go as black as evil can be.  At level 35, Eromee Joora is dark rank 4, racking up the dark side points toward level 5.  Her once healthy reddish skin is pale and she has really ugly black varicose veins on her face.  Andronikos is almost as twisted as she is, and that doesn't make it any better.  I'm starting to hate choosing the dark side choice, when there is one.  And now, I have a new companion that should have been a Jedi.  A new conscience, if you will.  And still, Eromee will be picking the evil choices.  I guess before I do any quest turn ins or step into any choice making situations, I'll have to put her on a diplomatic mission and take Andy or the newly schizophrenic Khem out to appreciate her evil choices.

Alderaan, where, as Eromee says, "Murder and mayhem await!".
I guess there really is only one alternative.  Start a new character and go with the Light.  But I can't drop Eromee just yet.  She still is 15 levels away from the level cap, which means her story is not complete.  Will she turn so hideously evil that I won't want to see it?


Leiandra said...

You can actually turn off the dark-setting stuff. It's near the same place where you can hide your helm. Yeah, I was hating my toon too until I found that little gem.

Shawndra said...

Unfortunately, only part of the hate is the way she looks. I hate making those evil choices! I'm a nice girl. I should make nice choices...

Leiandra said...

Sure you're a nice girl. lol. No, I totally hear you. I decided to go dark too since I chose Bounty Hunter, and as much as I try to maximize my Dark points, there's times where I just can't stomach it and select the light option. And besides... Mako hates it when I do some of that cold-blooded stuff.