Monday, January 30, 2012

Fashion Disaster

Before anyone gets upset that I am playing yet another game, don't worry, I am still playing SW:TOR, Wizard 101, and occasionally World of Warcraft regularly.  It's just that I am out of money for subscriptions for this month and possibly next, so I am down to Wizard 101, where I cannot unlock anything past where I am in Celestia, since I am out of crowns, and whatever free MMORPG catches my fancy.  I remember I enjoyed the short trip I took in Fallen Earth way back when it was a new world to explore, and when hubby urged me to try it again, he wasn't really twisting my arm.

Here is my frumpy housewife clone, Eromee.

Matching zip guns is the only way to accessorize in the Wasteland.

Well, in this picture she doesn't look so frumpy.  Rather well put together in that jacket she ripped off a  fresh corpse.  Then, the crafting starts.  I apologize wholeheartedly for the mess you are about to witness.  
At an underground dive bar, in, uh, North Burb town.

A great jacket, some great gloves, and then those horrible cargo shorts.  Just like little boys from the old days, short pants for young players is the norm.  I logged out tonight with a crafting queue that included 7 rounds of crossbow bolts, a duster, a pair of slacks, a shirt, a pair of high tops, and a brown ball cap.  Let's hope this ensemble makes her look better than that old wrinkled kerchief on her head.  After all, a gal can't make herself known in Embry Crossroads in this get up!

Mutant Chicken Legs.

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