Sunday, December 5, 2010

Last Minute Preparations

As the sun sets off the coast of Azshara...

Midnight Tuesday morning is coming up awfully fast.  Instead of doing what I should be doing to get ready for Cataclysm launch, I'm leveling a troll druid.  What should I be doing to get ready?  Here's a list of things I should have started over a month ago to be ready for what is coming in less than 28 hours.

  1. Cleaning and bag space.  All my characters need to be gone through and cleaned up. There should be no extra pieces of gear hanging around for just in case, no leftover garbage like old arrows and vials, nothing that will not be used. There should be food, drink, a hearth stone, the necessary profession tools and supplies, and maybe some potions and flasks. Upgrade your bags to something bigger, if you can.
  2. Talents and Glyphs should be set, with glyphs learned and maybe a small stack of powder to wipe out the old in favor of what new glyphs come.  
  3. Get the hell out of Dalaran.  Seriously, what good will that town do for you?  Park yourself in a nice, quiet, centrally located main city to wait out the last hours. Oh, and don;t forget to set your hearthstone!
  4. Professions.  If they are not at max level, get them as close as possible.  Gathering professions will be crucial at the start out of Cataclysm. The materials for older recipes will become pricier as less people will be leveling (and gathering) through this past expansion.  Professions that aren't up to your level make you no money, so skill them up quick.
  5. Clean out your alt closet.  Take a good look at any character below 40, and even some above, and decide whether they will be sticking around.  Exceptions being current projects like that Tauren paladin you've fallen in like with, or that twink/bank alt that would cost too much to replace.  Chances are you have a few alts whose professions aren't up to snuff, whose quest logs are old and dusty, who weren't even worthy of adding with your main guild.  Clean 'em out, strip em down, send the profits to the leveling character of your choice, and delete them. If you are as avid an alt-aholic as I am, you will need the space.
  6. Clean out your quest log.  If you have no plans on finishing it, abandon it.  You can always come back to the area and pick it up later, especially if it was an Outlands or Northrend quest. Abandoning these quests should delete any quest items you might have, but go through and check just in case.  Keep the furbolg transformation stick, toss the garbage. 

That's all I have.  I'm not one to stockpile low level materials to level a new profession on a new character, since I think that they can probably gather all they need as they go.  I won't buy bags for them either, since I usually make them earn their own. They end up with enough money on their own as well, if they keep only their quest rewards and sell the rest. I'm so stingy I won't even buy them heirlooms.

As for my level 80 characters, I think they are ready.  Delgada, Carlotta, and Maura have all their professions leveled. Shawndra is a little behind on her enchanting, so she will probably be leveled after I start a goblin.  They may still have some odd garbage in their bags, and old quests in their logs, and be without of any helpful food or drink. I'm pretty sure I even checked their talents and glyphs.  Really, though, I just can't be bothered to finish out the preparations for Cataclysm.

Yeah, sorry, I gotta go.  There's a troll named Niranjani who seems to be tapping her foot in the graveyard near the Southsea Pirate Stronghold.  I let her think she had me wrapped around her little finger, and I had to leave her in spirit form to think on this post.

They're cute, and dangerous!

No, really, I have to go.  She won't like me being away for so long! You should see what she can do with a pride of baby wyvern. It's rather scary...

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