Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Latest Screenshots For your Viewing Pleasure

It's an emergency maintenance day!  Which means, I should probably write something, but I have Christmas cookies to make, a house to clean, and guest to entertain.  So, I'm posting some random screen shots for your viewing pleasure.

Blue Steel.

Dearbre was falling off the whole ride.  Glitch, or too small hippogryph?

The spirit of Shadumbra. Wasn't Shadumbra a black panther?

Darkshore Twister.
Queen Azshara
I promise not to bite again.  Let me go?
Look at the roses and the clover.  How sweet, and sad.
Take two potions and call me in the morning.
This post brought to you by Dayquil, Diet Dr Pepper, and Kleenex.

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