Monday, March 22, 2010

Pamper Me More!

Michelle from the Warcraft Outsiders Podcast wrote about this in a post on their blog today, and instead of visiting the forums for my response, I decided to post it here. I know she has been pimping their forums, because, let's face it, they're a great place to get together for the guild and for the community surrounding their casts. Don't worry, Michelle, I promise to post a link to my response there, and to go lurk a little, and find a way to comment on some of the topics there, right after I say my piece.

Anyhow, back to my response. Are we too pampered in WoW? Personally, I think we could use some more pampering. A closet for all my designer robes when I get a new one would be nice. They already have a laundry service in Dalaran, why not an armor storage? The storage is really only there as an additional bag to your bank. Each outfit would take up a slot, with room for ten outfits. The shirt slot would become a costume slot, changing the look of your gear from what you chose from your armor storage.

How about a hot tub for after that long night fighting the Scourge in Icecrown Citadel? They could make it exclusive, say maybe up in that private get away Archmage Vargoth keeps at the tippy top of Dalaran. He has room up there for a half dozen hot tubbers. If they made it instanced, they would only really need to build one. Maybe we could even petition for an olympic sized pool with diving board (driven by the newest blizzard vehicle technology). There's room in the Underbelly, just move the arena out and the pool in. Leave this non instanced, for that public pool feel. You could remake Segacedi into a blow up floaty shark toy, or leave him toothy and in the deep end for some excitement.

Strangelethorn Vale is full of sandy beaches that are infested with nasty pirates. Why not transform a length of beach into a resort area, complete with tiki bars and firepits? It could be a short hop from Booty Bay, accessible by a short goblin powered rickshaw ride. A few lounges, beach chairs, and umbrellas could be permanently placed, but with room left for those still hooked on their romantic picnic baskets to set up a cozy day at the beach for two.

Blood elves have such pretty pedicured feet. Could Blizzard expand on the idea for our hooved and three toed friends? Shawndra would love to coat her troll toenails with some ghoulish purple paint. Niranjani would love some feminine hearts or some leafy green healing symbols on her hooves. Maybe Delgada couldn't get her toenails done (she can't find more than half of them anyway), but a nice clear coat on her toe bones would sure keep them from chipping so badly. As for the Alliance races, the treatments the blood elves receive would work fine on all but the Draenei, and they would probably enjoy the same treatment the Tauren do.

I'm sure I could dream up a jillion more things I'd like to do in game with my characters, but there is only one that I place at the top of my list. I would love them to have a home. Maybe one for each faction, decorated with little trophies of my character's achievements. It need not reside on Blizzards servers, but as a side area on my own. I should be able to invite people over if I wanted, limited only by my own systems capacity. Just a little place to hang their hat when their day is done, with no other functionality than chat and displayed storage, and maybe a place or two to sit, like the houses SWG still hosts for their players.

That's all I have for this edition of "Blizzard, Pamper Me More!" If there comes another edition, be ready to explore the seedier side of pampering. Hubby has some wild ideas of his own. Comments? Leave them below, or better yet, add to the thread that was started here.


Michelle Madison said...

I actually secretly agree with you! Shh. More more more pampering. Great post, I am totally down with that.

leather wine totes said...

This is a very good post. All sides taken into consideration. I wonder if WOW players still find time enjoying the outdoors. Spending time with families, friends, co-players even in picnics.