Monday, March 22, 2010


I got a letter today, and though it wasn't addressed to my blog specifically, I wanted to post it and my response, edited to protect the innocent, of course.

Hello Shawndra...It is I...your favorite cow shaman ever.
Just thought I would kick out a hello to you since I haven't spoken
with you in forever. Let me know how things are going in your world.
Iraq is boring as hell, which I am sure none of you can complain about
Hope to hear from you soon.


I had wondered where my favorite cow had got off to! I would hope that the most Iraq throws at you is boredom. Here, not much has changed. It is still, for the most part, twiddling with alts and the occasional important run. Our favorite pally tank got antsy and, with two kinda new(I've been hanging out with them for months now!) members (his roomies) we are raiding Icecrown at least once a week, sometimes twice when we have the people. Getting 10 KNR on at the same time is a feat in and of itself. This past week was kinda fun, in that we got one wing of the citadel done, but got stuck in the next wing (our dps needs some help). So, two days of ICC in(pictured below us just walking in on Lady Deathwhisper), and the next night we did Trial of the Crusader. We got all the way to the Twin Valkyrs before we called it a night...they're a fight we're gonna need to practice!

In the times that KNR is not raiding (Mr. Pally tank's roomie, the hunter, found a new meaning for KNR; Krap! No Raiding!), I have been raising a druid in the looking for group random dungeon tool. Healers are second only to tanks in getting fast groups, so I made her a healer, and it is sooo fun! Our pally tank ran my druid and his roomies and our discipline priest's alt through Maraudon today, but it wasn't as fun, because, really, the pally did all the work. In the randoms, at least you feel like you are doing something! The last group I was in, while I was typing to you, one of the members pulled Scarlet Champion Mograine before we finished clearing, and if not for my astounding feats of healing and innervating, we would not have lived. Of course,by then, all the mobs were green to me, too, so I had better have been able to pull it off! Right after that, with about a 5 minute queue time, I was back in Maraudon, on the purple side. I even helped a new shadow priest. Go me! I am a contributing member of the blog-o-sphere now, actually helping people with mana issues. How exciting :) (For those that care, I suggested the glyph of Shadow Word:Pain, and that hope was in the discipline tree under Meditation and Mental Agility, when she had the talent points to go into that tree.)

I also decided I was going to take my two that were hanging out in Thrallmar and get them to Northrend. Gwenna, my troll mage, is sitting in Warsong Hold, waiting further instructions, with some auction house Northrend gear to help her along. Maiera, my only blood elf that hasn't been axed, got to 63 tonight with the loan of Gwenna's heirloom shoulders, and expects to blow the dust of Outland off her pretty pedicured toenails by the end of this week. Then, it will be Niranjani the druid's turn. After that, I guess the game will be to level all my toons that are in Northrend. Maybe I'll start with Lulubelle, in honor of my favorite bovine shaman(yeah, that is you!). She's been sitting idly by, making inscriptions in Dalaran. I believe she is second in level order behind my 80's (Shawndra finally got there) after Maura, the rogue. I honestly can say that, unless they make pick pocketing gain experience, she may never get past where she is. I'm a terrible dps rogue, but I love seeing what they have in their pockets. Shiny things, dirty handkerchiefs, a loaf of bread (how did that fit in there?), naughty romance novels, whatever, I just get excited when I see a bunch of humanoid mobs with room to sneak in between them. Those Chill Nymphs in Howling Fjord even let you walk up, say hello, stealth, pick their pocket, and then goon your merry way to the next. I know they are supposed to be allies, but they asked for it! They have pockets!!

Hubby and his buds have me trying out Star Trek Online. I could spend hours in the character creation screen alone. I settled for 20 minutes, and started playing, because the hubby and his buds wanted to make a fleet("You are now part of Old Geek Fleet."). The game itself is alright, it just doesn't seem very multi-player, even though you can see the other ships. And speaking of ships, I cannot turn one quickly enough to save my shields or my crew. I have not been a big fan of space combat ever since SWG when they put it in. I would like to choose to be a desk pilot in the colony of my choice, assisting in research and away team duties, but leave the flying to someone else. No emotes when you are in ground mode, what? Loot's about the same. My character got herself a nice bit of armor makes her look soo hot! But most of the loot is ship loot. I'm not sure if dressing myself and my crew is enough Barbie time for me, if the only times I get to see them in person is if I a) go to the bridge, or b) have one of those seemingly rare away missions. I need to have a closet full of useless dressies, and for other people to see me in them. Stardock in the Sol Sector didn't seem like the social hub I had hoped the entertainment deck would be. I miss the days of dancing in the cantina to the sounds of slitherhorns played by aspiring musicians, where everyone would clamor for just a few seconds of my attention, and they weren't NPC's. No, having a tribble just isn't enough. Damnit, I wanna play Tri-Con, or Dam-Jat, or match up with someone in some holo sports. Even if all I could do at the bar on Stardock was buy some synthohol, I would be happy. You can't even sit in the chairs! To me, there seems to be almost nothing but imagination and a stage for any role players. No props makes for some sad players, at least I think that way.

You caught me at a good time in my home life. I'm on Spring Break, but my children are not. This is leaving me all sorts of time to try new and old games, go out to eat, buy things at Wal Mart I don't need (okay, I really needed that shirt, and the magazine with the codes for the free in game sword for my Wizard 101 in the picture below, but the rest I didn't need), and do some spring cleaning, and write back to you, of course! I admit to being a gamer first and a housewife second, and that you have seen if you login at raid time (which falls during our dinner), and me yelling,"I'm almost done. Go ahead and start the trash without me!", as I am slinging something unimaginative at the kids to eat. They get the shaft so often for dinner, this week has been a little different. Corned Beef and Cabbage, Breakfast for Dinner, Fajitas, Steak and veggies and baked potatoes, Pork Chops and mashed potatoes, and Tacos have actually been served here in the span of two weeks. That is pretty good for me. They are usually lucky to get one during the week and one on the weekend from me. That, and I have done some spring cleaning. I can find my towels now, I am doing mass amounts of laundry that has been hiding in a kids closet and mascarading as carpet, and I have straightened out my kitchen. Tomorrow, I may even tackle my bedroom, as this is week two of my vacation, and I hope to spend at least one day in a perfectly clean house. Hey, a girl can dream, can't she?

Miss you bunches! How long will you be gone? When will you be back? Does anyone who loves you send you goodie boxes? Because, this can be arranged, if you are being slighted :) Send me a list of things you'd love to have to much on and to keep you comfortable, and the family will pitch in and send it.'

Write back often, or as often as you can. I'm looking forward to hearing from you again! If typing is a burden, we have a phone, too. xxx-xxx-xxxx (it's a Skype number).

Jen(hiding behind food and plushies since 2008)
(you know I'll answer to whichever silly game name you know me by!)

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