Saturday, March 13, 2010

Face Rolling: Left To Right Or Right To Left?

This is just of one of about 20 or so posts that should be showing up in your feed readers today about a new guild some of us blog writers and readers have been hanging out in, Single Abstract Noun. It is part of the reason I haven't posted recently, the other part being I got a new computer, and Firefox has not been playing nice with it. I couldn't get it to post images to posts, like this one of human Delgada, shunning heirloom gear for the more fashionable mix of dungeon and world drops, tailored items, and quest rewards. I'm using Google's Chrome right now, but something is going to have to give, as it is not letting me cut the image and paste it, and Blogger is famous for putting every image I choose at the very top lately.

There..I will make you bend to my ways, Chrome (or am I bending to it's ways?)! I had to cut the html and paste it below my last paragraph. I think I am in being coerced into learning new things.

Back to my distraction of the week. Above you see pictured a mob of Death Knights (gaggle? spawn? herd? coven?). That is about half of the mess of us that rolled up and ran through the starter area last night. Once everyone was ready, we had a nice chat with Varian Wrynn.

Then, we took out a few Horde who were loitering at the gates of Stormwind, nabbing us our first honorable kills and, for those with their eyes on achievements, the Make Love, Not Warcraft achievement (yes, I did it, too. I couldn't help myself!) Once the threat to our homeland was purged, we were summoned to do our duty in Arathi Basin.

It was really late when we parted ways. It's been a while since I have seen KNR's Ventrilo server so stuffed. The company was great, and I am excited to see where this guild is headed. If you are interested in joining, we take all kinds! Stop into the Argent Dawn (US-A) and find any member for an invite.


Squander said...

DK "raid"... most WoW fun I've had in ages. Thanks for being part of it.

mo said...

strange coincidence: I finally gave Twisted Nether Blogcast a listen and learned about this guild you talked about, then ten minutes later visited your blog and read this post.

ok, not that spectacular.