Monday, February 9, 2015

Something New - Hearthstone Tournament!

My favorite Hearthstone podcast.
A Worthy Opponent has been my favorite Hearthstone podcast since I started looking for one to listen to. The show is entertaining and clean, despite their explicit rating. They announced a few months ago that they would be hosting a basic only tournament, and I jumped at the chance. I get so discouraged, playing at the mostly free to play level, when someone whips out legendary after legendary and beats me before I have time to blink! I thought for sure this would be my chance to prove to myself that I knew how to play.

There is a site called Battlefy that anyone can host a tournament for about any kind of e-sports game you can imagine. The tournament rules and ladder were posted there. When the tournament started, I had to notify one of the three hosts after every win or loss, as did my opponent. They posted results on the ladder as they were made available.

I chose to play a hunter and a paladin. For me, hunter was the easy choice, and I made a beast deck. Here it is.

I made this myself, really!
To finish my quests on a normal day, sometimes I will go to Hearthhead to find a deck that will fill my needs. This time, I built it on my own. I chose the beasts I thought were best and a few utility minions, then filled in the blanks with spells. I think if I had played smart, I might have finished well. As usual, I was a little distracted. I won the first game, then the kids and the noise of the house closed in, and with the game practically won by my worthy opponent, he disconnected. We could have replayed the game, but I felt that I had drawn out all the cards that could save me, so I set up my second deck, the paladin. I cannot even begin to tell you what was in that deck. I forgot to screen cap the lineup, and I lost pretty soundly to his priest.

So, my first tournament was a bust. What did I take away with this? I need to be patient and hold cards that might be useful later in game rather than play them just to do something on a turn.

Thanks to the team at A Worthy Opponent for a fun time! If you are looking for a Hearthstone centered podcast that is mostly casual, check them out. Someday I mean to actually be at one of their live streams, but until then, I'll just keep downloading the curated version from iTunes.

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