Sunday, February 15, 2015

#28daysofwowlove - Day 15

On the downward slope of this hill, but it feels more like I have come from the peak and hit a valley, and I am just starting to climb. It is so easy to post when things are going well. Life is getting complicated again, and the post ideas just won't come. Here is the idea for today, taken from the newest development in my house.


Anyone who is a battle tag friend knows I have a serious problem ,and it is that I have many priests. When I was looking for a home after KNR faded away, I rolled priests of all shapes and sizes and factions all over the Worlds of Warcraft. This one, however, is not of my making. This is my eldest daughter's shadow priest, Yeselda. She lives on a PvP server with a tauren priest I rarely play because of the nature of the server.

IRL, my house and life are not unlike the old woman in the shoe. Small house, many children, not enough room, and it seems like I am always "spanking them soundly and sending them to bed". Well, the one that finally got away is coming back, temporarily. If my house doesn't bust out at the seams, it will be a miracle.

Love that my daughter enjoys this game, too.

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Matty said...

If anyone has enough love for them all, it's you sweet lady. It's you.