Monday, October 20, 2014

Trick or Treat?

Look at all the costumes!

I like that costumes stack, until one turns Delgada into a leper gnome. From then on, all the costumes are male. I'm all for dressing up, but Del really likes being, well, a girl. Trick or Treating is serious business, and Delgada wanted a kitty that was alive as her, so she had some serious traveling to do.

Widget the Departed.

Delgada is weary of begging for candy. She got a lot of treats, but I think an equal amount of tricks.

Can we make toothpicks a currency?
I'm afraid Bittsee or Carlatta or Shawndra will have to run around and gather candy for the other kitty,  and for the Yipp-Saron costume. Delgada used the last of her candy money to buy some masks.


She ran out of candy before she could try out an Ogre mask, so Bittsee was made to try that one on.


I think it suits her. The buff is all wrong though. What is an arcane mage going to do with extra stamina? 

That is about all the time I have for fun tonight. If I have time or patience tomorrow, I'll edit in WoWhead links. Hope you are enjoying Hallow's End as much as I am!

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