Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Smorgasbord.

I've been quiet lately. I apologize. Real life has been happening, so you can find me hiding out in WoW a lot. Sadly, frequenting my favorite places in Azeroth to escape my life has not been conducive to blogging.


I can't remember the language I picked, but Malo means small and zla means evil. Malozla lives on Cenarius in the Pwny Express Alliance. She is my only warlock. We'll see how well this turns out. I am not fond of warlocks, and the only help she will get on this side of Cenarius (which seems to be much more populated that the Horde side) will be from fellow guildies and furtive packages of heirlooms slipped stealthily into the Alliance post.

Late to the party.
Garrosh is gone. I had taken care of the deed in LFR months ago, but never got to the end again to turn it in. I missed getting the Ahead of the Curve achievement despite the heroic last minute efforts of wonderful friends in my guild. We just didn't have enough oomph to make it happen. I got my first regular kill a few days after the expansion hit, got my heirloom staff, and am happy to say I never have to do it again, but probably will try to get Carlatta her heirloom ranged weapon, because she was on Cenarius first.

I decided to try and get the filthling pet off these oozes. It wasn't a long time before I got one, so I stayed long enough to get two! I'm hosting a costume contest for Hallow's End for my guild, and what better prize than a pet that is too grindy to get for yourself? The grand prize is a Mechano-Hog. I invite you all to participate, but the catch is you have to be level 40 on Cenarius in the Pwny Express for me to be able to award you the grand prize. However, if you want to be treated by this cranky old lady who only gives treats to the kids in costume, send me a screenshot of your best Hallow's End transmog and I will snoop in your armory and send you a pet you don't have (unless you have all the cool toys, in which case, stop teasing me!).

In the news of the new pre expansion fun, Delgada is thrilled that she has regained almost half of her bank space. I don't have nearly the amount of toys I thought I had, but I did have a fair amount of transmog items stashed away, and I was glad to give the ethereals money to store it away for me! In the not so thrilled department, we have this.

Kissy face and pink hair?!?
Thank you Blizzard for allowing face manipulation in the barber shop! She was better than I had hoped, but still not the gal I wanted.

Almost right.
I'm still not thrilled with her bouncy run and her huge butt. I'm sure I'll get over it eventually. Oh, and hubby tells me she looks like a boy. I'm still waffling on her hairstyle. I like the newest long style, and I like the Bride look, and I like a couple of the other short hair styles. I hear hair grows even when you are undead, so that shouldn't be a problem.

You face Jaraxxus, Eredar Lord...errr, what?
In Hearthstone news, I have been saving my gold pieces and buying each wing as I can. I have only one more wing to buy! I beat the Construct Quarter today, so that means if I draw 40 coin quests only for the next 2 weeks, I will have the last one just before Thanksgiving, earlier even because I didn't count the 10 coin reward for 3 wins with a class. This has more than doubled my legendary card count, and given me a lot of useful cards. Favorite card so far? Hard to say, as every deck has a new favorite, but I love the Sludge Belcher, and my rogue deck has been kicking some butt in the rankings (if you call rank 16 kicking butt!) Here is my deck, if you want to try it. I used to have a cheap fast zoo, but it started losing a lot at the advent of the freeze mage decks.

Where did I get this?

I'm sure I pulled this from Hearthhead somewhere. I love it because it has many cards that are hard to get around with priest removal, and some buffers that get the others up to that as well. It has just enough card draw. I especially love going second with Eviscerate in my opening hand. Four damage to the face, muahahahahah!

I hope everyone is enjoying their travels in Azeroth. Hope to bump into some of you in game!

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