Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Do They Do While I Nap?

Kadaara, Naboo.

She's not really dressed for the beach, but the sun was high and the umbrella and sand inviting, so she sat.  Not very many people visit Kadaara on purpose.  I wasn't the exception, as I had purchased a round trip out of Coronet on Corellia to go find some good resources to use for Jenmo's bio engineering.   Any port on Naboo would do, as there WAS some nice wild meat to be had, which had finally shifted, so I found some decent domestic meat and bristley hide and went for that.  Trouble is, one buff session is too long for me to sit here and play, as I want a nap about 45 minutes in. I did some lazy window shopping in some of the shops just on the outskirts of Kadaara's influence then returned to just outside the city to this resort area and she sat there, doing nothing, for several hours while I slept.

Master Dancer, Master Musician.

Karin fluted her way to Master Musician while I lay on the operating table getting a much needed plumbing repair.  I came back, trained her, and set her up as a buff bot in our city cantina.  She has a invitation macro and has some of the extra skill tapes and bio engineered clothes, but isn't top notch yet.  She looks good though, doesn't she?  A little shopping or some lucky drops will have her where I want her in no time!  Like the "aquarium" on the stage behind me?  I can't wait to have the credits to set me up a large house and decorate it with all sorts of neat things.  My shop is nice, but it's for business.

Part of *e* Not So Pretty Clothiers shop.

A small salon area for Karin to do hair in, or dance.

Sitting area for trying on outfits or waiting for me.  While I nap.

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