Saturday, August 17, 2013

New Faces In Old Places.


Still living on Corellia, travelling the galaxy and collecting resources.  Karin is tooting her chidinkalu in the cantina in Coronet.  Eromee is decorating her tailor shop in PreCU City.  Jenmo is collecting the best quality resources, with Eromee's help, to craft tissues to add stats to Eromee's clothing.  They have very few credits to their names.  The guild has been successful in keeping most everyone else on the server from getting to loot the Acklay, resulting in some pretty nice sales of inferior bones, with some of the better ones stored away for future weapon crafting when the other resources reach the right level of awesome.  Since I felt left out of the fun, I started a new toon, Pushke Tufeng.

Not a randomized name, really!

She is working her way to completing the marksman tree, then will work her way through the rifles tree.  After that, I will probably get some scout for the terrain negotiation (and the harvesting, hate to kill creatures and not get the resources!).  That still leaves some skill points to consider.  I'm thinking Master Marks(wo)man, Master Rifle(wo)man, Master Scout, then Ranger 3xxx, for the terrain negotiation.  She won't need the terrain negotiation in the caves killing the Acklay, but I want her to be able to do more than just that.  I've never been into PvP, but my guild is, and I could lend some comedic relief while I get used to the controls.  Missions are easy, but people are not predictable, and I predict that I will be doing a lot of this while we play together.

Icapacitated, again.

Here is the profession calculator for anyone who is curious.  Bio-Engineer is only partly implemented, and Creature Handler is still in the works.  Space Flight professions and Jedi are not in the game yet, either. That isn't really limiting, though, because there is so much more to choose from! Like playing in a Star Warsy Rock Band?  Why not?!

Mandovial Riff!

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