Friday, July 26, 2013

Not A Vacation!

Killing sharnaffs for unarmed experience.

I've been taking a break from World of Warcraft.  I still have paid time up until the 8th or something like that.  I may even use some of that time, maybe.  I'm busy trying to level up skills in Star Wars Galaxies.  Yes, the paid version is dead.  No, the emulator is not a completed work yet, but it is highly playable. What can you expect?  There are all kinds of players out there, new and old.  There are items for sale for all types of players.  There are plenty of active doctors and entertainers for buffs, and there seem to be some chefs  cooking up some tasty Vagnarian Canape and Snowcake and brewing some delicious Vasarian Brandy. There is drama.  Sounds like a well rounded MMO, doesn't it?

I play on the Basilisk server.  Here are the latest patch notes, in case anyone is interested.  No creature handlers yet, but I'm a slow leveler, so by the time they have them, Jenmo will be in a good place to start working up the tree.  That is, if she hasn't been pressed into leveling as a Bio-engineer. Which Eromee might press her to do.  Clothes with stats sell better than just clothes!  Karin might push, too.  She has her eyes on some skirts and tops, but she wants the bonus stats, too! Maybe I'll have to roll up another when creature handler is closer to being released.  I have no shortage of character slots.  10 is a lot in this game, and I have a hard time keeping up with one of the three I have!

I haven't a lot to say tonight or last night or the past week.  Sorry about that.  A lot of my kids were at camp until this afternoon and I was busy making sure the ones left behind were not feeling left out.  I played a lot of SWG. I logged into WoW for a few minutes but just couldn't bring myself to stay. I went swimming at our local plunge with three of my kids, my grand baby, hubby, best friend and her son in the evening one night and the following afternoon and got just a little crispy.

I have had time to write this post thanks to the death or injury to the hamster that runs Basilisk server.  I hold high hopes for his recovery or eventual replacement by another qualified rodent or even a teenager (donated by me!).  First, the real life creature handler has to wake up to see the problem, which I expect won't be fixed before early tomorrow morning my time.

Since I have nothing more to really say right now, I will return to flipping through the EMU forums, getting the nitty gritty on the drama, posting not really clever comments on threads about old game servers, hamsters, sliced weapons, or even the topic of the day.  I certainly hope that by morning  the smoke has cleared, bodies have been buried, and the Dark Side of this nastiness vanquished.

Good night, Corellia, Naboo, Dantooine, Tatooine, Lok, Azeroth, or whatever planet you hail from.  Until next time!

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