Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Gundrak Hatchling Doesn't Exist.

Frustating.  Can we fix this please, Blizzard?
Ferrolina has been the flavor of the moment.  I got her to 70, did a dungeon or two, and settled her into Zul'drak to farm for that raptor pet.  Which raptor pet, you ask?  The one that never drops!  From 72 and 5/8 to 78 and 1/3, she ran in a roughly circular route, killing all the raptors, a few adds that attacked along the way, once in a while a rare spider, and collecting every herb that was in range.  She took a break shortly after hitting 75 to do the Ampitheater of Anguish with a tauren guardian druid, but then it was back to the grind.  I only wish she still had skinning.  What a waste of good hides!

On our way to Gundrak, we made a new friend!

On one of her bag emptying trips to Orgrimmar through Dalaran (since the auction house seems only to work in Orgrimmar these days, what is that about?)  she took the quest to visit the Argent Tournament grounds, and decided she was done farming.  Well, she was done farming for that pet, anyway.  She started killing off those daily quest mobs just around the corner from the grounds so she could level her first aid to the point where she could go to Mount Hyjal.  Still not 79, she trained first aid to Cataclysm levels and left Orgrimmar for Mount Hyjal.  She battled pets and picked herbs until she hit level 80, set her hearth at the tree, bought a whole set of new gear, and logged out.

Hey, she needs the money!
Platina trying desperately to hold aggro against Ferrolina's powerful bow.

I have to say I am disappointed at her lack of tenacity regarding the aforementioned hatchling pet.  It probably dropped for the scum sucking alliance hunter that took over her hunting grounds 2 seconds before she hearthed to Dalaran. I guess I'm going to have to get another lowbie up to 70 and start all over again.  That, or earn enough gold to buy the silly thing off the auction house (gasp! that baby is expensive!).

Leaving Icecrown.
New clothes and a new pet, Scab.

Sorry I have been so scarce lately. For those who don't know, I'll let you in on a big secret.  I've become a vampire.  I sleep a lot during the day, make frequent visits to the emergency room for supplies, and have a hard time leaving the house during the day.  They say that they can cure me, which would be great, because going to Blizzcon will be rather difficult to do for someone who has problems remaining upright during the daylight hours!  Thankfully, video games are still a great vacation spot, and they are how I am salvaging what is left of my sad little summer.  If I find the time to post again, expect something on Rift and the great community of gaming moms I have found!  Even if I don't have a great time in Azeroth or whatever virtual world you call your own, and remember to pop out and visit Earth this week, too!


Tome of the Ancient said...

You're way more patient than I am. I gave up on the fabled hatchling after about an hour of grinding, lol. I don't think he's real either.

Navimie said...

They exist on the ah :)

Jojo said...

When they first announced pet battles I went on a bit of a pet farming missison. This is one of the pets that I had absolutely no luck with, nor do I know anyone that has it! Like Navi says, they exist on my servers AH and I'm still wathcing the price of it for a bargain.

Jeni Morton said...

I think the least expensive hatchling on my server was in the 15k range. I get happy when I have over 3k these days, so I'm sure that is never going to end up in my menagerie. Thanks for stopping by, ladies.

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