Saturday, June 30, 2012

Star Wars Galaxies - Back?

The return of Karin, a lowly entertainer at the moment, with horrible clothing.  But look at the flowers, and the sky, and the trees!  SWGEmu has come a long way with the game files.  Start up screens promise Jump  to Lightspeed, though the space battles and travel have not been implemented yet.  No Bazaar, at the moment, creature handlers are still in the works, and there are still problems.  I am, however, able to travel between planets, build a house, belong to a city, belong to a guild, pick my faction or stay neutral, chat, and dance the night away in the cantina of my choosing.  Coronet Cantina on the Basilisk test server is pretty busy, as was Mos Eisley where the Empire was kind enough to leave me, after destroying everything I owned.  I have been in very few houses, but most seemed to be for storage only.  The only decor I saw was in a cantina in a guild city on Corellia, and that was a pile of bio matter renamed "bad dancer" and a plate of food.

I have to try and get back online.  I need a crafting tool, some wood and metal, and a little time for a few new instruments.  Which means I also need a sampling tool.  I hear that after 24 hours I am able to make a second character, but I don't really want to wait that long for the instruments.

Just wanted to let you all know what I've got myself into, again.  My year pass on WoW may not end up complete, if I get my Barbie dream house and a large wardrobe for Karin.  Oh, must roll up a tailor!  Got to go!


Ysharros said...

Ohhhh... Interesting news! I sort of gave up on the emulators a couple of years ago!

Shawndra said...

Things are looking pretty nice there right now. I hear vendors will be coming next week. Hooray!