Friday, May 25, 2012

Yeah, I'm A Girl. Can I Play, Too?

I have this hour break in between when I get off of work and when I can take me and my high school cargo home in the afternoon.  It's been so hot that I have been doing more cooking than twiddling with my iPod in my car.  Running the air while I wait is a little expensive on the gas that I can barely afford.  Sitting in a fast food place with a drink approaches affordability, but after half an hour and a refill, I start getting the move on look from the staff.  I had one more option, but I was kind of afraid to go in there.  I'm closing in on 40, a woman, and, well, a woman. There are a few places I don't like going into without having the knowledge of what I want and running out with it quickly.  But I wasn't going to be running out of this place. I was going to sit down and stay for at least an hour.  What was I thinking?  I ended up putting it off until the last possible day of the week.

I had no more options.  I had a 5 dollar bill, my iPod and my phone.  I had dressed as inconspicuously as I could; Black shirt, cargo shorts, tennis shoes, I even left my purse in the car.  The only thing that could point me out as not belonging was the extra cushion under my shirt.  I couldn't get rid of that, so I gulped and grabbed the door handle...

...and stepped into a room filled with comfy office chairs, video screens, Xbox consoles and PC towers.  The place was, thankfully, mostly empty, save for a lone Xbox player intent on the screen with a headset on and the guy who seemed to be in charge.  I walked up to the counter, and the guy who seemed to be in charge left his console of choice (it was on the row facing me so I couldn't see it), and asked how he could help.  Stupidly, I asked, "Do you have a computer free?  I've never done this before..."  He pulled out a form, had me fill out stuff, kind of like signing up for a Blockbuster card, and when I was done said, "Pick a computer, log in with your username and hit enter, and it will prompt you to make a password,  Your first hour is free.  Let me know if you need help."

I sat down to the closest PC and start doing what he said.  This PC was stuck in some sort of loop.  It wouldn't let me sign in.  Feeling defeated, I asked for help, and he says,"Oh, pick a different one.  That one sucks.".   I moved over two spaces and started again,  finished signing in, found the games tab, chose World of Warcraft, and loaded it up. As I entered the game, the guy walks up behind me and says,"Oh, you play Warcraft, too?  What server?  Horde or Alliance?  Do you have an 85?" I nodded, answering just the specifics, no more.  He didn't need to know that I had 3 at 85 and 4 or 5 really close behind, that I have two main servers, or that I mix it up and play both sides of the fence.  Just knowing that I ran around with Delgada, my 85 Shadow priest, was enough.  I did most of my Firelands dailies, then my car pool buddy walked in.  I said thanks, promised to be back soon, and left lightheartedly.

That was about a week ago.  Now, it's the end of the month, and I have enough money to get to and from work until payday.  There were a few days I could have seen myself sitting in that comfy chair with the sound of large fans in my ears as I happily thumped the space bar between casts, but that will have to wait until next month.  It was kind of like a little spot of heaven on earth, sitting there playing a game and no one interrupting for homework help, disputes, dinner needs, or skinned knees.  I didn't have to listen to anyone else's music, no scooting the bills and assorted toys and things that need fixing out of the way to use the mouse, and no getting up to take care of something that just couldn't wait.

I am so looking forward to handing over 10 bucks for three hours of gaming bliss next month.  If I am careful, it will last 4 days.  Which will almost get me through the last few days of this school year.  Too bad it is too far away to sneak to on a regular basis.  All the more reason to work on my bomb shelter/getaway?  I guess.  Oops, gotta go. Something too important to wait to take care of has come up.  I'll be back at the keys in half an hour *sigh*

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