Monday, May 7, 2012

Fashion Backward

Delgada has joined the trend of looking back in time for the threads she wants people to identify herself by.  Delgada has a fondness for really low level stuff, and mostly stuff that doesn't take weeks farming the most annoying bosses Azeroth has to offer. Above, Delgada in her Cataclysm gear, mismatched and sporting a buckle the WWF would be jealous of. Below, Delgada in her matching gear, after transmogrification.

What did she pick for her outfit to end all wardrobe changes?

Silk Headband
Charlotte's Chastizing Pauldrons
Striderhide Cloak
Spellbinder Robe
Firesoul Wristguards (no change)
Mystic's Gloves
Mystral Cord
Breeches of Mended Nightmares (no change)
Slippers of Moving Waters (no change)
Solitaire Wand

Thankfully, all of the items she has were easily found on the auction house.  Soulkeeper is a rare item to see, so it was a bargain at 100 gold.  All told, Delgada's transformation cost less than 200 gold.  What a deal!

I follow a lot of WoW blogs, and have seen some really great transmogrification sets.  If you have a look you are proud of that you would like to brag about here, comment below, or e-mail me a picture!  My contact info can be found on the side bar.

Looking forward to seeing even more fabulous looks!

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