Thursday, November 24, 2011

Will He Eat It?

Rowan Trollstalker and her latest sidekick, King Maddie.
In this latest addition to my blog, we look at a new (to me) mechanic in Wizard 101.  Apparently, if you receive clothing or decorations that you do not want, your pet can eat them.  What?  Well, I have Rowan standing by a pretty stocked bank, ready to see what the results are when King Maddie eats something.  In previous trials, I have received gold, and rarely treasure cards or reagents.  In Rowan's bank there are some special items, saved for that special little wizard friend when they reach the right level to wear it.  There might be some things in there from days when her inventory overflowed into her bank as well. So, without further delay, let the smorgasbord begin!

 The robes I chose first were the Alluring Robes, a level 25 bunch of nothing special.  King Maddie ate them!  Look below to see what he left behind.
The spaces with the confused wizard are where a treasure card or reagent would be.  Below that, there is a small amount of gold.  That is what King Maddie felt this meal was worth.  But what is the same item worth in the auction house?  Can't say, because they are a no auction item.  I should have tried to sell them to a vendor first so I would have a basis for comparison, as the wiki on both Wizard 101 Central and wikia don't have a vendor price listed.  Next up, Crusher's Winter Vestment, probably a best in slot level 25 ice wizard's dream.  Will King Maddie eat it?

 You would think something with such delicious stats as this would net at least a treasure card?  Look below to find out.
Worth just about twice what the last bunch of nothing was worth.  Very sad.  Haley Frostheart would have loved that robe.  Oh well, Rowan earned her own way and so will she. Besides, I think it gave Maddie indigestion. Maybe we should try something different.  A hat perhaps?

 The Hat of the Intrepid is another pretty yummy, but not necessarily best in slot hat for a level 25 myth wizard.  I sad yummy because Maddie ate this with gusto.  Might have been the tusks and leather. It was chewier than those flimsy cloth robes.  How much more did he like it?
Money was about what I expected for level and stats, but look, Maddie gave us a treasure card!  A myth shield that large is a nice thing to keep on hand.

I think Maddie wants something with a bit more crunch.  Perhaps a wand?  In this case, we'll be feeding Maddie the Longblade of the Homonculus.

What an oxymoronic wand.  How long could a blade for a midget be?  I hope Maddie doesn't chip a tooth on this one.
450 gold coins.  Well, I guess I cannot expect much. It's not like he goes out questing or playing the auction house when I'm not around. And he is only a teenager!  How about we try something smaller, like an athame?  I got the perfect one right here...

Stiletto of the Steward, a decent balance blade.  Sorry, Shawna, you'll have to get your own.  This one is Sea Dragon Food!
It must have been pretty good food, too.  The level was a bit higher, so the gold was a bit more, and we got a couple of not so common reagents.  Very nice.  Thanks Maddie!  One more piece before we go.  How about an old ring I forgot to vendor?

 I'm pretty sure this was a quest reward.  I'm not going to bother looking it up.  It's been in my bank so long, I'm wondering if it was in the stuff I packed up when Rowan moved to her Massive Fantasy Palace. Whatever, here Maddie, clap for a treat?
Good boy!  What a nice bit of gold for that old ring, and a treasure card that, though low level, is worthwhile. I think you can use that one in a pet food recipe!

I am glad to see that this may be a worthwhile way of disposing of that unwanted unusable vendor trash that clutters up our bags, instead of having to run to Wizard City every time our bags overflow.  I just wish Maddie got something out of it, too.  Like maybe a stat boost. Boots for agility, robes for stamina, hats for intelligence, weapons for power?  Maybe I'm over thinking this.  I'm going to go take care of the rest of my Thanksgiving dinner, now that Maddie has had his.  Happy Turkey Day, everyone!

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