Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm Going To Comikaze!

Comikaze is a new convention in Los Angeles, that I can afford and that has a huge amount of interesting panels and celebrity photo opportunities.  I am so excited!  It's this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center.  I'm going Saturday, with a great deal a friend found on Groupon.  Even without that deal (which was 15 dollars for 4 tickets and includes 4 raffle tickets in a Stan Lee memorabilia raffle), The tickets are really cheap at 12 dollars a day, or 20 for two days, but you have to buy them online no later than Thursday!

What are you waiting for?  Do I have to drop names?  Alright, Mark Hamill will be there.  Cassandra Peterson will be there. Stan Lee will be there.  Daniel Radcliffe will be there.  For all you Nickolodeon All That fans, they are having a reunion there.  Marina Sirtis will be there.  Erin Gray will be there.  Ernest Borgnine.  Morgan Fairchild. Richard Roundtree.  There are so many more!

There are some great panels scheduled, too.  I am looking forward to a few steampunk panels.  My daughter is looking forward to a screening of Daniel Radcliffe's new movie and the All That reunion panel.  There is another interesting panel with Morgan Fairchild on paleontology.  Jhonen Vasquez, of Invader Zim fame, will have his own panel to discuss whatever it is he wishes to discuss. Richard Hatch will be hosting a Battlestar Galactica panel.  Geek Chic, a newsletter I get in my inbox daily has a panel.  There is a panel that promises to have free food (again, this is one my daughter is interested in), and several animation panels.

Why am I telling you all of this?  Why don't you go over there and read for yourself? Comikaze has something for everyone.  Hope to run into you there!  I'll be wearing the highly inaccurate steampunk costume...

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