Thursday, July 8, 2010

Level 40...Hurrah!

Level 39 introduced a great quest chain involving the latest addition to Perfect World, the Tideborn.  This quest chain, once it ended, started me on a coming of age group of quests  that gave me a level every other quest.  I was up way too late last night, and hit 43 before I logged out.

Before 40 passed me by, I remembered to use my little account stash.  Every 5 levels, there is a sort of treasure chest that you can use that gives something useful for your character.  Some levels, all I got were stacks of potions.  One level I got a very nice weapon.  At level 40, I got a voucher to turn in at the mailbox for a  useful item.  This useful item are the bat wings pictured above. Along with that, I got a small stack of chi stones (to boost the wing speed when used).  They are 2.5 percent faster than normal, untalented fairy wings. They only last for 7 days, but this is a nice boost nevertheless.  These same wings, permanent style, go for 5 gold.  I'll bet this little taste is enough to make some people rush out and buy their wings.

Borrowed from this blog about Perfect World. Check it out! 
Not all races get wings.  Humans get to fly around, Silver Surfer style, on the blade of a sword. Above is one of the prettier and faster blades. 

From the same blog, but a different post

Above is the Untamed mount.  I would have thought that a fish mount would better suit the Tideborn.

This picture comes from here, a great source for items from the cash shop in Perfect World.

Wings are cool.  Why wouldn't the freshest race in game come with them, eventually?  I would have preferred a flying fish or seahorse, but hey, wings are cool. *mutters grouchily about Tideborn getting all the cool stuff*

So, to make a long story short, I have just finished day one with faster wings, and I am loving it. It didn't make me use the teleport master any less, but travel between quests is quicker! I am looking forward to what level 50 and beyond have to offer!


KiwiRed said...

Those mounts are... quite extraordinary. (Well, guess I'm downloading another game to try)

KiwiRed said...

Grrrr, yet another "Sorry, you either switch your keyboard back to Qwerty or remap every single key to be able to play" game. Lack of Dvorak (or at least non-qwerty) support is just getting tiresome.

The fact that they won't let you price in-game currency until you've leveled a character to at least level 10 doesn't help. Ah well, uninstalled. (And it looked so pretty)

Shawndra said...

I have yet to try and remap anything. I am totally pointing and clicking. :)

But then, until my husband married and moved in with me, that is what i did, point and click. I can see where this system would totally piss someone off :(