Monday, June 14, 2010

Titles, Achievements, and Sight Seeing.

This past week has been a fun one.  I have been putzing around with Maura, putting my husband in fear of beating out Hacksoor to 80.  She is a lot of fun, stabbing people and picking their pockets.  I don't know why I never thought to stick with a rogue before this.  I love pick pocketing things.  I got a very pretty rock yesterday, but I forgot to turn off my grey seller.  Out of all the other things I have lifted silently out of pockets and purses, you'd think that I'd have a more valuable favorite.  Other fun things I have been finding are Exotic Cookbooks and Steamy Romance Novels. I must remember to stash away at least one copy of each book I find before the expansion. I can't wait to see what new books are coming!

I want this outfit!

Aside from pick pocketing as many Dark Iron dwarves and Twilight cultists as possible, I have been working on factions with Delgada. Noticing she had about 4,000 reputation until she was exalted with the Maghar, I took her out to kill ogres in Nagrand one session.In holy specialty, I'd run around casting Shadow Word: Pain, then when I had a sizable mob, I'd Holy Nova them down.  I don't think it took me all that long to finish. I didn't manage to capture the moment, but I managed to capture a happy extra achievement reward...

Who needs a sparkle pony, anyhow? albino drake. If you too are interested in Leading the Cavalry, you'll need to gather 50 mounts.  Maghar, or Kurenai for Alliance, is a great reputation to grind for this, as they sell all the talbuk mounts (except the dark ones, which are sold by the vendor in Halaa), a nice chunk of the amount needed to complete the achievement.

The other reputation I found I was close to completing was Cenarion Expedition out in Zangarmarsh.  I needed a little more than 4,000 reputation points,so I decided I would try to solo the Steamvault.  Switching to shadow for a bit more protection, Delgada gulped down a Flask of the Frost Wyrm and stepped through the portal.  For all taht I have been fearful of taking Delgada into level 70 instance alone, she mowed that place down!  It took one full run and a couple short runs (Delgada was kind enough to help someone get the achievement The Lurker Above while she was farming) to hit exalted. This got her yet another achievement...

Seems almost wrong...
...Delgada, Guardian of Cenarius. This is probably one of those titles that just shouldn't be on an undead.  I only wanted the reputation so I could have the privelege to shell out 2000 gold to the Expedition quartermaster for the Cenarion War Hippogryph.  That, too, is an achievement, but I'd do it even if it wasn't.  Since I don't have one yet, I'm borrowing an image from WoWhead.   Why would anyone not want this mount?

 submitted by WoWhead user wolfmusic, this is the special mount action.

Delgada hasn't made any more progress with Loremaster of Kalimdor, which is sad, with all this news of Cataclysm, you'd think I would be in a hurry to finish that.  Instead, Maura is at level 76, doing her own exploring.  Here are some things I never noticed the first time or even the twentieth time I went through Shattered Halls.
Orc statues are everywhere in this instance!

That's all I have been doing in WoW this week. In Wizard 101, Rowan managed to get a myth pixie and an ice serpent pet, and I brought out Esmee Wyrmblossom to fiddle with a fire wizard for a bit after I got the code for a Galvanic Hammer out of Beckett's Massive Online Gamer magazine.  It is so much easier to level with one of these items, as the 75 damage zero pip spell takes out low level mob sin one or two hits. This is especially handy with a fire wizard, where her first damage spell fizzles 25% of the time.  If you haven't picked up the magazine, it is well worth reading.  The interview with Steve and Leesha from Ravenwood Radio was good, and there are some interesting articles on some upcoming mmos and a sneak peak of the 3rd installment in the World of Warcraft graphic novel series. It would seem that they are in the market for handing out free codes, too, so if you are into AdventureQuest: Worlds, Dragons VS. Robots, or Wonderking, grab yourself a copy for some fun in game items!

Esmee Wyrmblosson, with her 1 day black stallion. Lucky!

Lastly, I bring up Perfect World.  I have been trying, Oh, have I been trying, but I cannot break out of level 21!  The price of death is a loss of a chunk of experience, and it seems right when I am making progress with Delgada the Cleric, I die and lose a good bit of it.  I'm thinking that I may start grinding on low level mobs to possibly get out of this hole I seem to be digging.  Other than that, Delgada has been picking up every low level material she can find and selling them.  We first tried the cat store, which is fine if you don't mind staying logged in to do it.  I find I am still a big fan of the auction house, and I am making money slowly.  Hopefully I will have enough to start doing some gold trading soon.  When that happens, I will be able to play the market, get some gold, and buy some clothing without having to use real money to do it! It is great that this system was instituted for players who have more time than cash.  Once I get started, I may do some research and post on how to work the gold market.

21 forever might be good in real life...

That's all I have for now.  I am looking around for another title to start toward the end of this month.  Sure, I don't have tonnes of time, but I need various forms of escape, and I aim to find a fun vacation home for my summer break!  If you know of any free to play games that I should poke my nose into, comment below!

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