Friday, June 4, 2010

Heavy Junkboxes? We Have Them!

Roughly a month ago my husband was given a down payment on another persons bid for insanity.  I don't know what the final payment will be, but I do know this has given me some blog fodder.  That, in itself, is payment enough, since I have been in a dry place lately game wise.  So, without further ado, I present to you my guide for grabbing as many heavy junk boxes as you can in a small amount of space and time.

Some of you might be asking yourselves, "Why do I need heavy junk boxes?"  The only reason I can think of that anyone would need these is to gain positive reputation with the Ravenholdt faction, by doing the repeatable quest Junkboxes Needed. Ideally, you should kill as many Syndicate as possible before starting this quest.  If you aren't a rogue already, you either will have to beg a friend or use an alt, because you can only pickpocket these boxes.

For starters, you will need a rogue.  These come in many different flavors.  My favorite is undead.  Your rogue will want to be at least level 60, and the higher above that the better, as it decreases the chance your rogue will be caught with his/her hand in a pocket. Make sure your rogue has the barest minimum of items in his/her bag.  I recommend a stack of bandages, some food, and your thieves tools.  If your rogue is an engineer, bring Jeeves along as well to sell of the garbage. Maura is not, so we will just be littering.  Drop your rogue off in Kargath, or Thorium Point if you have the flight point, and head on over to Blackrock Depths.

 Once inside, hang a left, and pick lock that gate. Don't bother with the mobs that are directly in front of you as you enter.  They only drop Sturdy Lockboxes, which look just like the heavy ones, but don't work for the quest turn in. Once you have passed the gate, stealth past the flame mobs and get out on the highway.

You could stay here, pickpocketing up and down the highway with great success, but I hate those dogs! They see through stealth, and though Maura is a healthy level 71, she still gets a tad too close once in while. After that happens, she usually ends up killing precious humanoid mobs, and we cannot have that. Since pocket loot will respawn after several minutes, you want to keep as many mobs alive on your route as possible.

Got auto loot on? You should have several boxes by now.  I didn't mean for you to think that I don't pick these guys pockets at all.  I do pick them on the way to my preferred farming area. Through the monstrous gate...

across the bridge...

through the covered walkway and past Lord Incendius.

Through the Hall of Crafting and past the contstructs.

Pick the craftsmen's pockets, you might get something! Even Fineous Darkvire sometimes has a little something in his pockets.

In Shadowforge City, on this ledge, go out the door and turn left, and go into the last door on the ledge. Pickpocket all these guys, too.

 In the Domicile, pick pocket as many as you dare. Up the ramp, through the first room and into the second, go past that fireguard on the right.

Another bridge...

Pickpocket this whole hall, including Pyromance Loregrain at the end.

You  have entered the farming zone! Halfway down the hall is our entrance to the Ring of Law, in the audience section.

Pick all their pockets, starting from the left or right, and ending when you have made a full circuit.  I usually then go to the opposite entrance...

and pick pocket over there...

...then come back and do the ring, then pickpocket the original hallway again.  You can keep this up indefinitely.

I hope this was helpful. Below I have made a nice red line on the map approximately where my path takes me.  Personally, I use landmarks much better, so that is why there are so many pictures! Any suggestions you all have would be welcome, because I am sure going INSANE picking all these pockets! :)


Psynister said...

Thieve's tools are not required for anything now, so you might as well leave them in your bank.

Also, unless they've made a change recently you're only required to turn the box in, it doesn't have to be unopened. So before you turn them in be sure to unlock them and take a look inside. If there are multiple items grab all but one of them so that you can make money from selling some of the loot from inside first.

Shawndra said...

You know, I completely forgot about the Thieve's Tools not being needed anymore. Shows how often I pull out my rogues.

As for looting the boxes, as soon as Maura has her bags filled, she heads home, turns off auto-loot, and cracks them open. Not much of value in them so far, but I keep hoping!