Thursday, October 9, 2008

Look! I got a jar of Zerg Creep!

I didn't go to Blizzcon last time, so I went in expecting...a ticket, a code for a mount, and a blow up Frostmourne replica. I am surprised at the wealth of fun this goodie bag is stuffed with, and the bit of helpful items they included. Some of my favorite fun items in the bag are the starter deck of World of Warcraft Trading Cards, the bubble hearthing paladin ball, and the paper undead mask. As for practical, the hand sanitizer does nothing for me (I'm a firm believer in exposing myself to the icky germ ridden strengthens my immune system!), but the tissue box with the so apt little phrase "QQ n00b" had me and my daughter giggling. Other neat stuff? A special edition authenticator, Diablo 'sin'amints (so your fellow con attendees have one less smell to complain of), a neat button for your bag strap or fave jacket from DC Unlimited, and a mousepad/picture frame from SwagDog.

There were other really cool items in there, but, unless pressured, I'll leave those to others to describe. All I have to say is...WOOT! Tomorrow we get to meet all sorts of people who enjoy what we do, and get to see all sorts of neat stuff, and maybe even get a stuffed Murloc! More later....

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