Thursday, October 9, 2008

I've been bad...

I have been pretty busy with the real world these last few weeks. Go ahead and tell me that is no excuse. Go on, I can take it (ducking and cringing).

Anyhow, that will all change this next few days as I stand in line impatiently waiting for my goodie bag and passport to Blizzcon. I was originally planning to attend with my husband, but family matters are more important than any convention, so I am taking my eldest daughter instead. I am looking forward to meeting all sorts of people there, hopefully even the 5-7 people who actually read this blog!

I will post an entry every night after the con, with highlights of what I was able to see, and maybe even some teenage perspective from my daughter. If you have read this and are attending, feel free to comment below. Maybe we can stand in a line together!

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