Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pyromantic, am I?

I like fire. The colors of the fire I throw are vibrant. The flame has life, and feels good when I cast it. It crackles and pops while I prepare the spell, almost escaping sometimes. I like to watch my targets leap into flame when a fireball or scorch spell lands just right. I imagine the fire makes my palms tingle as I conjure it, warming my fingertips as I send it off.

Does that make me a Pyromaniac? I'd rather call myself Pyromantic. Is this a word? My spell checker placed a lovely red line under the word. I'm leaving it. Take that, Webster!

I imagine my arcane spells tickle when I cast them. I always grin a little when I Blink. Arcane explosions have a cheerful little sound to them. Arcane bolts, well, they just feel funny. I hate being tickled, so I think I'll pass on those.

When I use frost spells, I don't feel the chill like I was in some sort of deep freeze. It feels something like death. I don't use frost bolt, cone of cold, or blizzard. I infrequently use frost nova when I'm about to die. Since frost feels deathlike to me, I don't use it. Guess I won't be doing many arenas on Esoterique.


Samownall said...

Er lol? Sounds like you have taken something illegal :)
samownall - Wow Blogger

Anonymous said...
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