Monday, July 21, 2008

Gaming in a Full House

It's 3 in the afternoon, my oldest daughter is walking to pick up her sisters from school. My husband is off picking up his half of our 7 kids. I'm sitting at my desk, riffling through the junk mail, keeping the baby from tearing the living room apart, and loading up Ventrilo and World of Warcraft. It's the quietest bit of time I'll have, and I have a game plan. DelgadaTawny Windrider needs a flying mount, and she's been waiting patiently in Netherstorm while her counterpart, Rowena, has been putting all the spoils up for auction in Orgrimmar. I figure I have about 15 minutes available to do 2 quests before the girls show up, then another 45 minutes of playtime punctuated with checking on chore progress before the rest of our happy horde come tumbling in the door. Delgada awakens in the Area 52 inn, checks for water and food, and runs for her first quest.Dr. Boomb's minion.

Cut away from Delgada flaying a Mana Wraith to me turning in my chair as the door opens and my three older girls enter the house. I send one into the kitchen and the rest in to the living room, and turn back to the task. Two quests done, about 500 gold left to go. I steer Delgada to her next quest, one that I can turn away from easily, as I am bombing a goblin from a stack of barrels. I toss happy little bombs , taking a second or two in between to yell out tasks to the girls, check out their work, and pull the baby out of the bathroom before she uses someone's toothbrush in the toilet again. This is close to how my next few quests go, picking up debris from a trash heap, killing demons for vengeance and profit, collecting insignias from strange ethereals, all the while barking orders and chasing a toddler.

The girls have somewhat finished their tasks, and are busy keeping their little sister from using the dvd player as an easy bake oven . Delgada has managed, miraculously, to amass another 200 gold, leaving her short just 300 gold to purchase no place like homeher mount. The scraping sound of the station wagon pulling into the driveway is my signal to use Delgada's hearthstone. As my other three children walk in the door, Delgada turns in her last quests and sends all her saleable items to Rowena for some extra money making while she sets up in the inn for the night.

How does your life punctuate your game play? I welcome your comments!

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