Tuesday, June 24, 2008

School's out...for summer! Yay?

A week before the end of the school year at my job, and I had hefty plans. I'm gonna keep getting up early, put on some comfy clothes, and walk for half an hour. Then I'm gonna change, make a modest breakfast, and plan something fun for the kids to do, after they work on the yard during the not so blistering hot hour left of the morning. By the end of the summer, the yard will be beautiful, I will weigh less, and I may have even broken the grip World of Warcraft has on me. How? Well, outside is more interesting, more fun, more interactive, more work, more heat....

Day one of my summer vacation finds me in front of my computer, in my jammies, one hand on my mouse, narrowly missing spilling my heaping bowl of Cookie Crisp in my excitement. My husband, sitting at his desk next to me, looks up, shakes his head, and continues his search for survivalist articles. So much for good intentions. The kids are whining at me;
"Can we play on the Wii?"

"Can we go swimming?"

"Can I use your computer next?" That one always makes me laugh. There is no "next" on my computer.

"Can I use Dad's computer" That one is slightly more likely, as he likes to put podcasts on his Juke and take long afternoon naps.

"Can we play Rock Band?" Oh Lord, please spare me the misery of having my children try out their rendition of Mississipi Queen on my already bleeding eardrums!

"Can I...?"

"Can I...?"

"Can I..."

Well, several weeks later and I'm covering my ears and loudly la-la-la'ing to the can I's, as I slip on my headphones. If that doesn't work, we're playing the every popular game ask the other parent. By the time I get up in the morning the heat has been unbearable, so I am still in front of my computer, though my breakfast choices have improved(Chorizo and eggs, anyone?). In my time I have leveled a Draenei mage to 42, moved my human paladin to join her, and leveled her to 52, and joined a wonderful new guild. I have been neglecting my Horde toons, partly because it's summer and even though I am there, I'm not really at the keyboard. My WoW time has been punctuated with swimming, shopping trips, and barbecues.

So, WoW won out, yet again. So much for my fitness plans. Maybe all I can manage is one of those squishy stress balls.

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